Peter Pan Without Hook?

We wrote last week about the announcement of yet another reboot of Peter Pan, but this newest development is way more interesting than the fact that Hollywood is remaking another thing way before it becomes even slightly necessary to remake said thing. Because this Peter Pan is casting its villain, and it's not Captain Hook.

Apparently Warner Bros. is courting sexy Spaniard Javier Bardem as the film's lead villain — but his hypothetical future character is Blackbeard, not infamous villain Captain Hook.

Considering the aforementioned complete lack of necessity of a Peter Pan reboot — it's like the fairytale version of the Spider-Man franchise, what with the existence of its 2003 Jeremy Sumpter-starring version — it would make sense that this new film would try to distinguish itself from Peter Pan films past.

The other Pan adaptation currently circulating is happening within ABC's Once Upon a Time, which has twisted things further by having Peter Pan himself go from jerky-but-adorable protagonist to full-blown psycho villain while Hook sashays around wooing ladies in full leather with his stubble (see below).

In other words, we're living in a world not unfamiliar with bending fairy tale "canon," so if Warner Bros. insists on making another Pan movie, maybe some changes will actually make it worth seeing.

Image: ABC