Joshua Lied About Nick On 'The Bachelorette' & Basically Sealed His Fate

Few of the guys are actually thrilled that Nick Viall has joined The Bachelorette , but none are more pissed about it than Joshua. After asking Kaitlyn to give him a blindfolded haircut in a misguided exercise in trust, he pulled her aside to let her know what's really going on. In Joshua's words, all of the guys are lying to Kaitlyn, and none of them are OK with Nick being there, least of all him. And like she's done all season long so far, Kaitlyn wasted no time approaching the guys about the Nick subject. Can you blame her? Nick's here, so they need to respect her decision or leave.

"By bringing Nick here, that's not me saying, 'screw what I have with all of you,'" Kaitlyn told the group. "I didn't think it was a problem anymore."

And then, in true outspoken Kaitlyn fashion, she called out Joshua for telling her that the group lied, and it didn't surprise me at all to find that Joshua pretty much made the entire thing up. There was no angry mob of dudes pissed about Nick. In fact, more than anything else, Kaitlyn actually received their support. Jared and Ben Z. both spoke up and said that Nick joining the show isn't affecting their individual relationships with her, and the rest of the group seemed to agree. Except for Joshua, of course, who basically just sat in the corner pouting.

"I'm looking for a husband," Kaitlyn said. "I need to pursue every single option, and whatever I feel. I take each relationship very seriously, and I might make mistakes along the way and I might make really great decisions along the way, but at the end of this I know I'll make the right decision."

Kaitlyn's over it. She's so over it, in fact, that she straight up gave Nick the group date rose. Boom.

If you don't like her decisions, too bad. She's the Bachelorette, and not anyone else. And a quick note to Joshua: Maybe don't ask someone for a haircut when she's forthcoming about the fact that she is not, in fact, a professional stylist. Just a tip!

Image: Felicia Graham