'Homeland' Quinn shoots and Brody returns

This episode was named after the William Carlos Williams poem, which opens with: "So much depends upon." So, what does Homeland depend on? Peter Quinn, of course. And Saul's crafty plans to overthrown governments for an added oomph. But which character was the most melodramatic this week? Let's tally it up!

This week's melodrama quotient:

  • Why wouldn't Saul be mad that his wife offered to pour him tea and then didn't? (Saul +1)
  • Do they really have folders with "Top Secret" in big words on the front? Do people actually carry those around? (U.S. Government +10)
  • Saul's big plan for Javadi: Setting the stage for regime change with Javadi high up in command. What?! What?! What?! (Saul +1,000)
  • Says guy she met in India after she asked to break things off because she's reconciling with Saul: "Didn't we just spend yesterday in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton?" Oh, Mira Berenson. What?! Girl, you're a player. (Mira +50)
  • Javadi says the man who moved the Langley bombing car is still in the U.S. and has ties to Leland Bennett's law firm. Carrie's on the prowl. (Carrie +5)
  • Fara plays hooky from work. And continuing one of the smartest parts of Homeland's style, her father largely speaks in Farsi rather than English, no subtitles allowed. (Fara +10)
  • Fara lies to her father, telling him she works at an investment bank, not the CIA. (Fara +50)
  • Carrie meets up in a church with one of Bennett's associates, and Bennett is spooked that the company's shady ties to the Langley bomber will be found out. Do prayer candles work for CIA agents? (Carrie +10)
  • Carrie is at the doctor's and is pregnant for real — 13 weeks pregnant, to be exact. (Carrie +50) She's also not on her pills. (Carrie +50) And was drinking while she knew she was preggers. (Carrie +100)
  • An Inspector General is at Fara's house and threatening her job. And knows that she drove by the site of the double murder. (Fara +100)
  • Fara's father finds out she's working at the CIA and tells her she's putting the family still in Iran at risk. She screams, "I'm an American!" (Fara +50)
  • Carrie meets with the Leland Bennett associate again in a church. Carrie's good at playing angry and surprised. This is why Claire Danes wins the big awards, right? (Carrie +20)
  • The sexy man from India is some sort of operative who put a tap on the Berenson home computer! Can he hear what goes on there?! (Sexy man +100)
  • Driving a black Lincoln to a shady motel is not how to stay incognito, Franklin. (Franklin +100)
  • Franklin is going to kill the Langley bomber, and a silencer! (Franklin +200)
  • Carrie has gone rouge. Gotta protect those baby daddies. (Carrie +200)
  • Quinn shot Carrie! (Quinn +500)
  • But Carrie's still alive, and it was just in the arm. (Carrie +100) Points to Quinn for being a really good shot (Quinn +100)
  • Saul is in the shady complex in Venezuela where Brody is being kept. There's a big pile of money ($10 million to be exact) handed over. (Saul +100)
  • Brody is in a tiny room that smells real bad and his eyes are bloodshot. There are pills laying around. Don't do drugs, kids. (Brody +50)

You can shoot all the people you want, but plots for regime change in Iran trump all. The winner for melodrama three weeks in the row: Saul!