Tamra & Vicki Bury The Hatchet On 'RHOC,' For Now

It's truly a tale as old as time, on The Real Housewives of Orange County , for Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge to not get along. It started many moons ago, and ever since one fateful party at cast member Heather Dubrow's house, the two have never been the same. In Season 9 of RHOC, the two had a rocky relationship because Tamra spoke ill about Vicki's boyfriend, Brooks. But on the second episode of Season 10, Vicki and Tamra reunited and actually — possibly — put their problems behind them. Now, we just wait and see how long it will last.

The two old friends haven't seen each other for six months until the day Vicki calls Tamra and invites her to a Mexican-themed party. Because it's not a Real Housewives party if it doesn't have a theme. When the two reunite at the party, their past issues seem like they might not make an appearance, and the party might remain drama free. Tamra greets Brooks and only makes one comment about how he's "made himself at home" at Casa De Vicki. That's definitely progress, right?

But again, this is a Real Housewives party, so that isn't going to actually happen. Instead, Vicki and Tamra decide to have a little one-on-one time to talk things over. In the past, I'd usually say, "RUN" and hope they both make it out alive. But, because these two really can't go anywhere but up, they actually seem to smooth things over.

It didn't start of great, of course. Unfortunately, when these two start rehashing all of the things that have gone down between them, it doesn't seem to help anyone involved. In fact, for a second, I thought that these two were actually going to cement their feud forever (courtesy of Vicki screaming, "Shut your mouth" to Tamra regarding Brooks). Somehow, Tamra and Vicki seemed to move on from each other. They even cheers to moving forward and promise to have each other's backs from here on out.

Now, let's just see how long this will last.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo