Ed Sheeran Joins A Young Fan's Performance Of "Thinking Out Loud" & Proves He Is A Magical, Musical Fairy — VIDEO

As humans and, subsequently, dreamers, we are all prone to having fantastical whims. Typically though, as we age, we realize that we're never going to actually get to marry a Disney prince, or swim in pool full of chocolate pudding, or get to fly. But, then there are those things that happen in life that prove all of us jaded adults wrong. Things that sort of seem like magic, like video of Ed Sheeran joining a fan's concert, and singing along to his song with her.

Obviously, being the good, law abiding magical citizen that he is, Sheeran isn't at liberty to discuss all of his wizardry secrets or else he'd probably get in trouble with the Ministry of Magic. But, that said, E! Online isn't quite as reverent of the magical authorities. They give us some insight into the, "impromptu duet" with the fan, Sydney Bourbeau. E! explains that Borbeau was at the West Edmonton Mall, singing in a charitable concert in the name of Play for Pets, which supports the Edmonton Humane Society. But, the thing is, at this sweet, small concert, Bourbeau sang "Thinking Out Loud" and thus summoned Sheeran's musical spirit. So, being at the mall and hearing her belt out his very own tune, the singer decided that he'd just nonchalantly get up on stage and sing along with the #blessed fan.

I'm thinking she imbibed some Felix Felicis that day, no?

The fan of the hour told E! of the almost unimaginable moment,

I had just finished taking my microphone out of the stand, so I thought someone was just coming up to grab the stand or fix something. I realized it was him after he came up the stairs on the stage, and I freaked! He came over and hugged me and I wanted to just cry and talk to him, but I realized he wanted to come sing his song with me! ... I'm sure it looked like I was fine, but I was shaking and my heart was beating so fast it was crazy!

Crazy indeed, world's most enviable person. As the publication relays, Sheeran left after his cameo, Bourbeau finished singing, and by the time she was done, he had already gone on to likely pursue other magical dealings. But, despite not getting another miraculous moment with the singer, his manager invited the musically inclined teen to Sheeran's concert that night, and she was given the best seats in the house. A true, modern day fairytale.

I don't know about you, but I feel that on some level, J.K. Rowling is responsible for all British acts of magic. In fact, I bet this is what the new Harry Potter book is about, isn't it?