Madonna Casts Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, & More Stars For Her New Video, But These 6 Celebs Are Clearly Missing — PHOTO

Madonna has pulled a Taylor Swift. As in, she released a teaser for her upcoming music video and it is chock full of celebrity cameos, à la "Bad Blood." The photo and credits in the Queen of Pop's promo are also eerily similar to those from Swift's video. Still, there are plenty of people who are not in Madonna's new music video, "Bitch I'm Madonna."

So far, the lineup of stars includes Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Rita Ora. It sounds like a pretty solid list of powerhouse performers! It is totally possible, of course, that Madonna will continue announcing more cameos leading up to the video's release. But for the time being, it seems like Madonna has held off on announcing her costars one by one on social media, as Swift did. It is noticeable that Madonna has a fraction of the people that Swift recruited for her video (at least so far), and it is not hard to think up some famous faces who are missing from this star-studded lineup: those who have either collaborated with her before or have some other type of strong connection with her.

Regardless of what ends up happening as far as more characters being cast, it will be interesting to hear if these stars have any reactions to the video.

1. Lady Gaga


Gaga's lack of participation is a little bit surprising — just a little bit. The two have had a strained relationship in the past, especially when it came to Gaga's single "Born This Way," which bore a similarity to Madonna's "Express Yourself" that did not go unnoticed by many, including Madonna herself. That being said, the onetime warring divas did take a photo together at the Met Gala this year — with Madge's costar Katy Perry! Hmm...

2. Drake


The 6 Man's absence from the video is entirely less shocking than Gaga's. Though the rapper did dedicate a song on his new album to Madonna's namesake, it cannot be denied that things between them seem to have soured after they kissed during a Coachella performance. She has not-so-subtly dissed his kissing skills and he has since switched the lyrics in his "Madonna" song to "Rihanna." All bets are off!

3. Britney Spears


This one is quite surprising, especially considering the two pop icons are no strangers to working together. Think "Me Against the Music" and "Like A Virgin" at the 2003 Video Music Awards. Really, it is more disappointing than it is anything else. I'm sure Brit is preoccupied with other projects, but it's still sad to see her missing!

4. Kanye West


For everyone in the studio's safety, this one might have been for the best. Madonna said in a Cosmopolitan interview earlier this year that when they work together, "it's a little bit of a bullfight." Though she contended that the rapper has good ideas, it sounds like these two strong personalities might not have been the best mix for a song like this. After all, think of Yeezus's ego!

5. Rihanna


These two might not be BFFs, but they are both part of Jay Z's Tidal service. And Tidal artists do seem to shout each other out quite often and collaborate with one another. Also, Rihanna's vocals seem like they would complement the other artists in this video well.

6. Taylor Swift


This is where things get interesting. Earlier this year, Madonna crowned Swift as a "princess of pop." And Swift seemed to graciously accept the honor via Twitter. But check out who is in Madonna's lineup for the video, a widely speculated nemesis of Swift's, Katy Perry. It is hard to say if this was intentional at this point or if this will rehash old beef or start a new one. Only time — and the video, of course — will tell.

Images: Getty Images