5 Steps For Strobing, AKA The New Contouring

Let's face it — contouring is not for everyone. Who has time to chisel every inch of their face to achieve a "natural" look? However, what's a girl to do when she wants that perfect summertime glow? Well, strobing is the latest makeup trend that you have to check out. Instead of adding darker colors to visually narrow the skin, strobing is all about adding light to your face. Think summertime skin meets an angelic glow. Strobing is all about accentuating the high points of the face to create a glowing dimension.

From cheekbones to the bridge of your nose, this makeup trick allows you to bring your best features forward. So instead of chiseling away your features, like contouring, you're actually accentuating them. What's great about strobing is how little effort it takes to achieve it's full effect. It's as simple as dabbing on highlighter. However, the trick to strobing is adding just a little more product than you regularly would. Try pairing a liquid highlighter with a shimmering powder to create that instant glow. This highlighting method is perfect for not only creating that signature glow, but by layering a liquid with a powder it locks in the look for all-day staying power. Now, that's a glow we can get behind!

Wondering what's the best way to pull off this trend? Here are five steps to achieving the perfect strobe-effect.

1. Choose your products.

Liquid highlighters are absolutely the way to go with this trend. Their creamy texture allows the look to be both striking, yet natural. Look for products such as MAC Cosmetic's Strobe Cream or Benefit's High Beam. Both of these products have pink undertones that allow for that angelic glow.

2. Mix with foundation.

By mixing a small amount of liquid highlighter with your foundation, you're on your way to a perfect angelic glow. The light reflecting pigments in the highlighter have just enough power to peek through the pigments in your foundation creating a fresh, dewy look.

3. Apply to the high points of your face.

You know the drill. Take your highlighter, and dab small amounts to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. Want to amp up the look even more? Go all the way by taking the product onto the center of your forehead, eyebrow bone, and chin.

4. Set with highlighting powder.

Think of the powder as the extra step to creating this long-lasting glow. Sweep the powder across any areas that you applied your liquid highlighter. Get ready to be dazzled by your skin.

5. Use setting spray.

Don't let all that highlighting magic go to waste due to the summertime heat! Take the extra step by locking everything in with a dewy setting spray. Now, step back and see yourself shine!

Images: Instagram/southerndoll_mua; Instagram/superdimitri; Courtesy Brands (2)