First Look At Kerry Washington As Anita Hill

by Kadeen Griffiths

Back in March, there was a huge uproar of the celebratory variety when it was revealed that Kerry Washington would play Anita Hill in an HBO telepic called Confirmation. The movie will tell the story of the Clarence Thomas hearings, hearings during which Hill accused Thomas — a Supreme Court nominee — of sexually harassing her. It came as no surprise to anyone that Washington would want to sink her teeth into such a meaty role, since exploring issues of feminism, discrimination, abuse, and sexuality are all things she does on a weekly basis on Scandal. Now, we've gotten the first photo of Washington as Anita Hill in Confirmation, and it's every bit as powerful as we would expect from the woman also known as Olivia Pope.

In the photograph, Washington is standing behind a podium with a ton of cameras and microphones pointed toward her. Her expression is one of distress and anger — and, while it's easy to interpret some fear in there as well, there is a strength of conviction in her eyes that make it clear that, despite how upset she is, she is going to tell her story and these reporters are going to listen. The picture will give you chills to look at, and the joy that Washington is taking in the role is evident in the caption she posted along with the Instagram post: "Thank you for the profound opportunity of getting to inhabit Anita Hill and help tell this story! Yours Truly, K-Dub (aka super excited Exec Producer)."

With Washington starring in, and executive producing, the film, it's no wonder that it's so highly anticipated. In reality, Hill's testimony did not stop Thomas from becoming a Supreme Court justice, but it did bring awareness to the subject of sexual harassment and open up more discourse on the topic than ever before. Today, Hill works as an attorney who represents many sexual harassment cases, and there is a documentary entitled Anita that covers the Clarence Thomas case and Hill's life after the media frenzy for those who want to know more in advance of the Confirmation premiere.

From the way that Washington portrays her in this simple photograph, it's clear that Hill is a woman who will not be silenced, will not be trifled with, and will not back down when it comes to something as important as her own rights as a human being. Set your DVRs to record this one, everyone, because it's going to be quite a ride.