Is There A Short Before 'Inside Out'? Yep, Because Pixar Always Delivers The Goods

One of the greatest things about going to see an animated movie is knowing you're probably getting two films for the price of one. There's the main one, of course, the full-length movie you've been hearing all about, but often, there's also another, short film that airs before the real movie begins. Frequently, the short film is even more emotional than the full-length one; anyone remember The Blue Umbrella that came with Monsters University, or the Oscar-winning Paperman that aired before Wreck-It-Ralph? Many fans have come to expect that any great animated movie will have an equally good short film right before it, including this week's newest Pixar release. So is there a short before Inside Out ?

Thankfully, there is, and oh, is it a great one. Lava may be only a few minutes long and not contain much dialogue, but it's just as affecting as any feature-length film, if not even more so. About a lonely Hawaiian volcano who shares his desire for someone to love through song, the movie is visually stunning and achingly beautiful, a truly fine work of filmmaking that's bound to leave you teary-eyed and sniffling (not to mention humming its gorgeous song) before Inside Out even begins. Lava should be up there with some of Pixar's best shorts ever, such as:

The Blue Umbrella

Disney•Pixar on YouTube

This clip, released along with Monsters University, shows exactly what made the 2013 short so special: it perfectly conveys a budding romance, all in the span of less than 30 seconds.

La Luna

The 2011 short that came before Brave is a daring piece of art, told primarily through visuals and gestures, rather than words. It's absolutely stunning.

Day & Night


What wasn't to love about Day & Night, the 2011 short that aired before Toy Story 3? Wonderfully witty and hugely original, the short became an instant classic upon its release.

For The Birds


Not only did For The Birds, Pixar's 2000 short, win Best Animated Short at the Academy Awards, but it was referenced in Cars several years later. This little movie had quite an impact.

Tin Toy

2009dinia on YouTube

This short, about a toy struggling to escape the wrath of a human baby, came out all the way back in 1988, and it's had a major influence on Pixar and its movies ever since — including inspiring a little movie called Toy Story. Not bad for a five-minute short.

Image: Walt Disney Studios