Celebs React To Trump 4 Prez

by Jaclyn Anglis

If Donald Trump has his way, he'll be moving from a Tower to a House in 2017 — the White House, to be specific. The business magnate made that much clear on Tuesday, June 16. In a move that was not entirely surprising, Donald Trump announced he is running for president.

Trump's run is not exactly shocking, since the real estate developer and Apprentice personality has certainly teased the prospect of running for president many times before. In fact, his first run at not running for the presidency was all the way back in 1988. And since then, the man who actually tried to trademark the phrase "You're fired!" has expressed an on-and-off interest in becoming the commander-in-chief. Some people likely doubted that his interest in the position was even genuine, but this time around, it seems like Trump is in the running for real, for real.

Since this is 2015 and we live in a digital age, we can watch the reactions to his announcement unfold in a live feed on Twitter. And oh, there are so many. I've rounded up a variety of celebrity Twitter reactions to Trump's White House bid. Here's just a taste of what they're saying.