A Beginner's Guide To Strobing

by Jamie Cuccinelli

If you're already sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian's contouring tips, get ready for the new makeup highlighting trend that's about to sweep the beauty sphere — strobing. This new makeup trend is about to make your Marc Jacobs contouring palette seem so last year.

If you've ever been caught a glimpse of your reflection while dancing under the strobe light at a club and thought, "Damn, I look good," you're in luck with this new makeup obsession. While it doesn't really have anything to do with pulsating bar lights, the strobing makeup technique does rely on highlighting and illuminating your face as if you're under bright, flattering lights, as opposed to contouring, which uses a complicated combo of darkening and highlighting with bronzers and rich powders.

Strobing may require fewer products — and only those that illuminate the skin — but the process is much of the same. After moisturizing skin (Aveeno's Positively Radiant Moisturizer is a great starting point), establish a clean base with a brightening foundation primer, like the Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer from Smashbox. After applying foundation, brighten up the features of your face with a highlighting stick or liquid illuminator like the Nars Copacabana Illuminator. If you're a bit iffy on what exactly to highlight, check out a guide like this one!

The result is a fresh, dewy look that makes you feel as if you can light up the world with your new, lit-from-within-glow. So, will strobing take the place of contouring as the next big beauty thing? These ladies seem to think so! Check out these beauty vloggers for even more strobing tips and tricks.

Images: Getty Images, gemmagilly_mua/Instagram, Youtube