10 Plus-Size Brands You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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One of the big problems with plus-size fashion is selection. Because there still aren't nearly as many designers and brands that stock anything over a 12, we plus-size women all tend to gravitate to the same few places: ASOS Curve, Lane Bryant, the designers stocked by Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor. But the reality is that this isn't the endgame for full-figure fashion: There are a ton of e-commerce shops with smaller profiles that are just as fantastic.

In an effort to spread the word on all those brands you may have never heard of, we've rounded up 10 e-commerce sites that we feel are underrepresented. There's no doubt that diversity in fashion over a size 12 is limited (and there's a long way to go before we have the same options that straight-size women do), but here's a good start to opening up the field.

Image: zinkevych/Fotolia

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