7 Ways 'Jurassic Park' Fashion Has Changed Through The Franchise's Existence These Past 20 Years

Over the course of 22 years, one might expect fashion to go through a few style revolutions (small ones, at the very least). And here, in the real world, it has, but as we've learned with the release of Jurassic World, not much changes in terms of fashion in Jurassic Park . After all, Isla Nublar is a remote, tropical paradise (which now happens to be teeming with dinosaurs), where humidity and practicality generally rule wardrobe considerations. Most of the characters within the series base their apparel on the assumption that they'll be hiking, climbing, running, and exploring — even when they aren't predicting that their dinosaur counterparts will create complete and utter chaos.

The exceptions to that rule are of course, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Claire Dearing, and Simon Masrani. Masrani, we can excuse, since he clearly doesn't spend much time on the island proper, and as we gather, is the sort of financially prosperous gentleman who wouldn't bat an eyelash at having his suit ruined — he has many more, it's simply not a concern. Dearing, being an operations and asset manager, permanently installed at Isla Nublar, leaves us wondering a bit.

While her fashion sense is clearly on point, wouldn't she be more comfortable in attire that better suited the island's rugged terrain and the physical demands of her job? Clearly not. Which is part of what makes her character intriguing, albeit a bit questionable. And lastly, there's Dr. Malcolm, whom I will only ever speak positively of. He wears black leather to a tropical island, and expects chaos at every turn. He represents both the voice of reason, and visually, an attitude of throwing caution to the wind. Yes, Dr. Malcolm, even with Owen Grady as competition (sorry, Chris Pratt), you are still the coolest guy in the Jurassic Park franchise.

In terms of wardrobe and style, there have, however, been some subtle, welcome adjustments, and for the sake of nostalgically poking fun at the movie that started it all, I'd like to present them for you now, in no particular order.

Less Leather

Despite the cool factor Dr. Malcolm's black leather jacket undoubtedly granted him during Jurassic Park, by the time The Lost World came into play, the good doctor had traded his chafe worthy leather for a slightly more breathable black jacket — at least by the time he arrived on the island.

Less Flannel

In the original Jurassic Park, flannel played nearly as big a role as the dinosaurs, at least in terms of wardrobe. And luckily, someone sent the memo to Isla Nublar that flannel isn't that big of a deal anymore. Sure, it's a style that never really dies — it shouldn't, it's cozy, visually interesting, and unique. But, when it comes to tropical climate, I wouldn't suggest it as a go to piece. It seems the costume designers of Jurassic World were on that same page.

The Downfall Of Denim

The only other fabric that comes close to touching flannel in Jurassic Park is denim. Not only did everyone sprinkle it liberally throughout their wardrobe, Dr. Ellie Sattler was particularly guilty of denim overdose. She, in true early '90s fashion, wore denim on denim, and I cannot share enough how glad I am that there were no tributes to this look in Jurassic World.


I didn't spot a single neckerchief in Jurassic World, did you? Sure, Dr. Alan Grant wears them fairly well, but they're probably the most dated wardrobe aspect of the series.

Khakis And Khaki Shorts

A decent staple in the first film, khaki shorts seemed to gradually fade out in the subsequent movies, and one might assume that has something to do with the characters wising up to the fact that dinosaurs are in fact unpredictable, and that traversing the jungle may not be as easy as it seems.

Personally, this is one change I can get on board with. Shorts are wonderful, refreshing items of clothing, but I can't say I'd want to wear them in the midst of dense flora while accompanying massive fauna. Would you? I suppose Dearing does make mention of Grady's board shorts, so shorts in general are still around, but there really weren't many cliche safari khakis to be found in Jurassic World.

The Extinction Of Hawaiian Shirts

Dennis Nedry was obnoxious, tempered only by his Hawaiian shirt. To Jurassic World's credit, the movie sported neither overly floral baggy button ups, nor characters that made you outright want to punch them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice floral print shirt now and then, but paired with Nedry? Too much. At least Hoskins has enough sense to downplay his villainy with understated attire.

Where Have All The Boots Gone?

Considering Jurassic World's tropical climate, remote location, and treacherous environment, you might expect most of the employees, and at least some of the visitors, to be boot clad in a hearty sense of preparation.

Sure, they're at a theme park, but Jurassic World isn't exactly Six Flags Great America. In the first three movies of the series, nearly everyone came equipped with a sturdy pair of work boots, and while I understand Dearing's need for professional dress in this latest installment, I'm wondering why so few of the movie's other characters packed well. At least Grady has his head in the game.

But Some Things Never Change

Like the fact that when a woman ties her shirt into a knot, she's clearly ready to face adversity. Good to know, ladies, good to know.

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