Sasha Pieterse Responds To Body Shamers & Other Times The 'Pretty Little Liars' Were Super Body Positive

The cast of Pretty Little Liars are spreading body positivity once again. Last week Sasha Pieterse responded to body shamers on Instagram after she received rude comments about her recent weight gain as a result of a hormonal imbalance. Pieterse decided to give her fans an explanation, but she really shouldn't have needed to do so because, hey, guess what — bodies change and it's no one's business but the person inhabiting that skin.

The image she posted, a grey and white photo with the message “I am currently under construction … thank you for your patience,” is somewhat humbling. Aren’t we all under construction in some way or another? By opening up to her fans and updating them on her life, she reminds us that she is human and constantly evolving, just like the rest of us. This is not something we should be judged or ridiculed for. Especially in regards to body image, as so many of us struggle in that respect, we should be accepting and show others compassion.

It's a beautiful testament against body shaming bullies, from a beautiful Sasha Pieterse. Unlike any "A" message I've ever seen, wouldn't you agree?

Sasha Pieterse is not the only Pretty Little Liar who has opened up to their fans regarding body image, proving themselves part of the body positivity movement over the years. Here are a few more instances in which the cast opened up about their own struggles with body acceptance.

Lucy Hale on GQ's Ellen von Unwerth-shot photo spread

"[Photoshop] is pretty common. I think it’s good that people know that that is normal. People meet me in person, they know what I look like. As long as people know that that’s not real — I think those pictures were just an image that they were going for. It’s GQ. We don’t look that pin-uppy," Hale told E! Online.

Shay Mitchell on Eating & Body Disorders While Modeling

"I'd starve myself for a day, and the next day I was hungry, tired and miserable," Mitchell said of her mindset whilst working as a model. "When I felt so bad about not being able to fit into size 0 jeans, I realized I had to make a change... Being beautiful doesn't mean being skinny. It's about being healthy.”

Troian Bellisario on Self Harm

"I started self-harming when I was a junior. I would withhold food or withhold going out with my friends, based on how well I did that day in school… I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong, so I think I created this bizarre system of checks and balances to create order in my world. But it really backfired."

Ashley Benson on Wearing A Bikini For Spring Breakers

"I was super nervous before I got the movie and I was worried about it. I talked to Harmony (the director) about it and he was like, “There’s no need to stress out. You guys are college students in the film and nobody has the perfect body!”

Thanks in large to the Pretty Little Liars cast for giving us a bit of insight on their own personal struggles. Sometimes it helps to hear from your favorite stars that you truly are never alone.