Blogger Jessica Shyba's Photos of Her Baby and Puppy Napping Together Break the Cuteness Richter Scale

I've been getting a lot of pressure from my boyfriend to get a dog, and a lot of pressure from society to have a baby now that I'm 30 (yes, Dad, I know that I "don't have forever"). Little did said concerned parties know that all they had to do was show me the photos that Manhattan-based blogger Jessica Shyba took of her son, Beau, napping with her puppy, Theo, and BOOM! I'm in on both counts.

Shyba's started her blog, Momma's Gone City, in 2009 to document the move that she, her husband, and their young children made from the Bay Area to NYC when her husband enrolled in NYU dental school. A recent post documented the family's search for the puppy that children Jack and Zoe had pleaded for the previous Christmas. They finally brought a seven-week-old rescue home on November 4, and soon after the most adorable napping ritual in history began. The pup would cry through the night when trying to sleep in his crate, and he started napping with Shyba's baby Beau.

"On his third day with us, Theo fell asleep on Beau and I as I rocked him down for his afternoon nap. I was practically howling at the cuteness-and nearly woke them both up," Shyba wrote.

"The following day, Theo met us up in my room for the nap time ritual, and so began what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed."

"Each day, Theo meets us at naptime and waits patiently for Beau to fall asleep. By that time, he’s also sleepy, so when I hoist him onto our bed, he stumbles over to Beau and plops right down on top of him. And there they sleep, entwined, for at least two hours."

And my personal favorite...

Gahhh! How did they even arrange themselves in that position! I can't.

Images courtesy of Jessica Shyba at Momma's Gone City