Ashley Tisdale In 'Clipped' Is Nothing Like Sharpay Evans From 'High School Musical,' Which Is Probably A Good Thing

Not long ago, a little musical movie changed our lives. OK, maybe High School Musical wasn't "little," but it did change lives. One stand out character from the High School Musical franchise, Sharpay Evans, gave us the diva anthem of the century with "Bop to the Top." But now, Ashley Tisdale is hanging up the keys to Sharpay's pink Mustang, and picking up some sheers in the new TBS comedy Clipped. So how does Ashley Tisdale's character on Clipped , Danni, compare to Sharpay Evans? Let's just say we shouldn't expect Danni to break into a song and dance midway through a blow out.

The new TBS sitcom follows a group of high school classmates who all work at the same barbershop. The classmates didn't necessarily hang out in the same clique while in high school, so surely that will add to the hilarity of the comedy. Tisdale's character, Danni, and coworker A.J. (played by Mike Castle), are also former high school lovers, which adds a special touch of sexual tension to the workplace.

So is Danni just another Sharpay Evans, or is Tisdale's character going to grow into a character completely different from her most recognizable character? Here is how to two Tisdale characters compare.

Danni Is A Hairdresser

Danni works as a hairdresser in Clipped, along side her ex-lover and other classmates.

Sharpay Is A Broadway-Bound Star

If Sharpay were were a real person, she'd be leading a Broadway show right now.

Danni Is Selfless

On Clipped, Danni says that all the money she makes at Buzzy's goes to rent, food, and her father's medical bills.

Sharpay Is Selfish

Everything Sharpay did, she did for her benefit, even when it hurt others. This is definitely why you loved to hate her, and hated to love her.

Danni Isn't Into Glitz & Glam

Although it isn't very difficult to be more into glitzy things than Sharpay, Danni is definitely more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Sharpay Is A Walking Rhinestone

So. Much. Pink. Sharpay's fashion sense can be defined as: shiny.

Danni Has Friends

Danni seems to be close friends with her coworkers at Buzzy's, and will even risk her job for them.

Sharpay Has Her Brother

Sharpay wasn't as worried about making friends. In fact, I think the only real friend she had in the first film was her brother... and even he knew she could be a shady lady.

Moral of the story is, Danni on Clipped is nothing like Sharpay Evans from High School Musical, which is probably a good thing. Sharpay would never allow another person to take her spotlight.

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