7 Times Black Women Perfected Bold-Colored Hair

by Charmaine Simmons

Some of us black girls (myself included) let the notion that "black women can only wear certain hair colors" defer us from making a bold hair color change. But I am here to tell you that this concept is a total myth, and there are hundreds of black girls with bold hair colors who wear these fun styles beautifully.

I was always the girl who dreamed of coloring her hair a bold (maybe pastel?) hue, but lacked the confidence to do so. Black girls are always told that we should only wear very specific hair colors that are "flattering" to our skin tone, as though being black in and of itself limits us to the most basic shades. The truth? We can dye our hair whatever color we want to.

Thankfully, times (and narrow visions of aspirational beauty) are changing, and black women are letting go of these horribly restricting perceptions. From burnt orange to cotton candy pink, we are beginning to dye our hair every color of the rainbow and wear it proudly.

Summer is the perfect season to venture out and try all the colors under the sun. Thinking about rocking blue hair at the beach? Do it. Considering coloring your kinky curls leafy green? Just do it, honey. I mean, why not have an adventure with your beautiful tresses?

If I did not convince you to color your hair yet, here are seven black women who will definitely persuade you to take a trip to the colorful side.

1. All About My Green

Who said chocolate girls can't wear green? If anyone ever told you this, you should show them this picture and prove the fools wrong. This beauty is rocking green hair effortlessly. And I will admit, I never thought about donning green hair until I saw her pull a major FTW.

Are you all about your greens? If so, give this beautiful color a try.

2. Punch Of Red

This lovely lady is the reason why I colored my hair red a couple of weeks ago. Fire red is another fun hairstyle that I wish more black women would try. The exciting thing about red hair is that the color looks uniquely different depending on the lighting you're in. It's like having a multicolored 'do without the stress of dip-dyeing.

3. Sea Of Blue

Channel your inner mermaid by rocking blue locks! I know it takes a certain kind of person and a dose of confidence to wear this look, but I am a believer that black girls are magic. So why not be magical with a head of blue hair?

4. Hint Of Pink And Purple

Afraid to fully commit to bold colored hair? SAME. Take a cue from this popular YouTube beauty guru, Raye, and use temporary spray hair color. She gave herself the perfect ombré effect by using pink and purple temporary color spray. So fun, yet it washes out! Sounds great for indecisive gals like me.

5. 50 Shades Of Grey And Blue

As grey hair becomes more and more popular, I have been waiting on my fellow brown girls to try this trendy hair color. To my surprise, several black women have been sporting it and killing it, of course. This beauty added a twist to this hair trend by giving herself an ombré effect, opting for grey hair with tinted blue ends. Is anyone else craving early greys now?

6. Carrot Head

When I say "carrot head," I mean it in the most beautiful way possible. This hair color is a bolder step up from fire red. Plus, this lovely lady proves that black girls can be gingers, too, and who doesn't love gingers? I know I do.

7. Cotton Candy Pink

Some would say that pink hair reminds them of a unicorn, but I would say that pink hair reminds me of cotton candy. No matter what pink hair reminds you of, it should all equal happiness.

This stylish babe decided to sport two tones of pink in her hair to add a little ombré feel to it. I don't know about you, but her locks make me want to go to a carnival. So many happy feelings!

Images: heathersanders, bidismalls, sensualsierra, itsmyrayeraye, mdot.benji, nqobiledanseur, natuallytash/Instagram