7 Unexpected Stressors And How To Prevent Them

It's no secret that stress is the worst. However, it may not always come in forms that you realize. Stress has a sneaky way of leaking into our lives where we least expect it. Whether it's due to a scheduling error or a fight with a friend, we may not always see what causes these stressors to occur. Things pop up in our lives all the time that can pump up our anxiety. However, there are ways to prevent unlikely stressors from occurring. Ever missed an important appointment? We all have. Things get crazy in our lives, and things can be overlooked. It sounds silly, but the stress in our lives can lead to further stress down the road.

Take the time to identify the things that tend to "go wrong" in your life to see if there are any patterns. Whether it's procrastination, poor time management, or simply other people, there are always things you can do to improve these unhealthy patterns. Always remember that a healthy diet and exercise are some of the best tools for warding off stress. However, what are the best ways to fight off unexpected stress. Well, we can't avoid everything in life, but we can identify ways that stress sneaks into our lives. Here are a few problems that definitely lead to unexpected stress.

1. Scheduling Errors

Forgot the time of an important meeting? Didn't write down the location of your lunch date? This happens so often. Little scheduling errors can lead to massive amounts of stress. Take the first step to avoiding this stress by writing everything down. My favorite trick is to write important dates and memos in three places. These places can be anything like a day planner, a computer calendar, or your phone's memo pad. I would avoid things such as sticky notes though as they tend to get easily lost. Writing these down in multiple places is such an easy way to prevent any future stress.

2. Communication Complications

This type of stress happens all of the time! Have you ever read a text or an email that sounds very angry, but in actuality the sender was just in a rush? Miscommunication happens constantly, because of technology. The fact is that you simply can't read emotions over text or email. This miscommunication can cause a lot of stress. However, avoid this stress by asking direct questions. Asking for clarification is the best way to prevent any unnecessary stress.

3. Shopping

Have you been to a three-story Forever 21? Talk about overwhelming. Shopping can lead to all sorts of unexpected stress. Whether it's sensory overload from the perfume counter or falling in love with an expensive handbag, you never know what you're going to get when you go shopping. To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed in a store, listen to music. Having John Legend serenade you softly while you browse for crop tops is way better than listening to those noisy teen girls. Another tip before you head out shopping is to check your bank account. Knowing exactly how much money you have in the bank is a great way to avoid excess spending.

4. Music

Music can be a blessing and a curse when you are stressed. Listening to music with a fast beat can accelerate your anxiety in a situation. Think of any action movie you've ever seen. Once any action starts, they amp up the music. Calm yourself down by playing softer tunes when you're feeling anxious or stressed.

5. Hunger

The Snickers' commericals are true — you aren't yourself when you are hungry. Keep small snacks around in order to keep hunger at bay. We've all lashed out when we haven't eaten.

6. Your Friends

Friends are an absolutely sneaky way that stress can leak into your life. Whether it's a drama queen or a needy friend, sometimes other people's stress can override your happiness. Always remember to take a step back in these situation. It's always great to be supportive in someone's time of need, but it's important to remember that their stress is not your own.

7. Technology Overload

Constantly looking at screens can be a huge stress inducer. Whether it's for work or checking social media, always remember to take breaks. Technology overload can cause headaches and all sort of anxiety. Remember, that you don't always need to be refreshing your news feed.

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