If 2016 Presidential Candidates Used 1992 Technology, At Least Rand Paul's Pager Would Be Safe From The NSA

If the 2016 presidential candidate list looks a little familiar to you, it's for a good reason. During the race for the White House in 1992, there were several candidates with the same last names as the candidates we have right now. In 1992, the list of candidates included: Bill Clinton running for the Democrats, George H.W. Bush representing the Republicans, and good ol' Ron Paul for the Libertarian party. This time around we've got Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Rand Paul. One interesting observation is that all of the current candidates are related to their respective surname doppelgangers... but I'm not here to talk about nepotism in American politics, no no. I want us to have a little fun imagining what it might be like if these candidates had to run their campaigns the same way hubby or dad did back in the day. What would happen if the 2016 candidates had to use technology from 1992, just the way their predecessors did.

While the early '90s could certainly considered a magical time for the world of toys and gadgets for kids, looking back, the electronics targeted towards adults were much less enchanted (so much grey!). But aesthetics aside, and not counting the significant downgrade in functionality, here is the tech I think our current candidates would utilize if they were time-warped back to '92.

Jeb Bush, Meet Your Palm Pilot


New to the Republican roster is former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. Since his campaign just launched on Monday, Bush is going to be extremely busy with campaign travels and speeches. If this were the early '90s, Bush (or, let's be honest, his personal assistant) would be using a good old Palm Pilot to keep track of his frenzied schedule.

No Instagram For Hillary Clinton

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Internet was still very much in its baby phase in 1992, which means no glorious Instagram photos from Hillary Clinton. Clinton would have to capture photos with one of my personal favorites from the world of '90s technology: the disposable camera. Remember when you'd have to wait to develop your film to see what your pictures looked like?

A Pager For Rand Paul


As a libertarian-leaning conservative, Rand Paul has been highly critical of the NSA's cell phone data-collecting programs. Well, in the early '90s, Paul could easily have gotten by without a cellphone, and opted for a "beeper" instead. Let's see the NSA try to collect anything informative off of one of those babies.

Donald Trump's TI-81 Calculator

Back in the early '90s, Donald Trump would not have had access to newfangled stock market and personal finance technology. So, how to count all his huge piles of money...? Well, in '92, the Donald would have his team hard at work crunching numbers on the cutting edge TI-81 graphing calculator.

Basic Instinct VHS Tapes For All, Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders!

It has been suggested that Bernie Sanders has the most appeal among Americans in his own age group. To reach out to a broader audience, Sanders would give anyone of voting age a copy of one of the highest grossing films from 1992: Basic Instinct. Fun for the whole family!

All Candidates Would Have Boomboxes For Their Playlists

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In March we all became privy to the knowledge of which songs candidates would choose as their campaign anthems. I am getting a real kick out of imagining all of our presidential hopefuls gathered around a giant '90s boombox and getting down to their favorite jams.

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