Learn How To Contour Like A Kardashian

by Sienna Fantozzi

I think we can all agree — Kim Kardashian is the contouring queen of Hollywood. But if you can't afford to shell out the $500 for Kim's makeup master class (ha) to learn her beauty secrets, then look no further. Bustle partnered with makeup artist Jordan Liberty, and the first video in his series is "How to Contour Like a Kardashian." So if you want to sculpt those cheekbones, pay close attention!

In the video, Jordan walks us through the five steps necessary to contour as expertly as the Kardashian clan. You start by brightening any darkness in your skin, and then you create a shadow to change the appearance of your face. While bronzer can look artificial at times, contouring generally looks more natural, and actually doesn't require much makeup. Next, you need to create lift with a highlighter, and then fill in the gaps and blend everything. The last step is blush — contouring shouldn't add much color to the skin, so blush helps to warm up the complexion.

It sounds complex, but it's actually fairly simple, and this video will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial to achieve the striking and dramatic look yourself, so get watching!

Images: YouTube