Glossier Launches Coconut Balm Dotcom This Summer, So Prepare To Smell Like A Tropical Vacation

There’s nothing I love more than a skin cream that smells like summer, so naturally I’m super excited for Glossier to launch its Coconut Balm Dotcom on June 22. Not only is the beauty brand offering us a chance to smell like a tropical vacation, up until the product's release date, Glossier is holding a contest to help send three lucky winners on a tropical vacation, complete with as many palm trees as your little heart desires.

Coconut Balm Dotcom is made from beeswax and castor seed oil, providing the skin with a boost of moisture to replenish dry, irritated skin and as much as you will love what it does, you will adore the way it smells even more. Let's just say your skin will give off the delicious aroma of a coconut-infused paradise. Careful now, it's not edible.

As previously stated, Glossier is currently hosting a referral campaign to celebrate the launch of their latest product where contestants have the chance to win a free Coconut Balm Dotcom, Glossier Soothing Face Mist, a Summer Edition Phase 1 set and three lucky winners will receive a $250 airline voucher. Smells like one fantastic deal to me! Head on over to Glossier's Smells Like Vacation page for your chance to win.

Too perfect.

Images: Glossier (2).