Teva X National Forest's Collaboration Might Actually Make You Want To Leave Your Couch This Summer

If you weren’t already much for exploring and adventuring, you will be now because Teva is collaborating with National Forest, an L.A. based design studio, to create some sandals that are meant to be taken on plenty of adventures this summer. So pause your Netflix (it’ll hurt a little, I know) and get outside — it’s all in the name of fashion!

The colorful designs on the straps of these sandals are inspired by the world and all of its patterns and textures. “You just never know what you're going to find," says studio co-founder Harrington, "who you're going to bump into, what awesome photo you're going to want to take, or what cool texture or pattern you're going to find.” But whatever you encounter, these shoes will have you ready to face it in style.

Not only are sandals so in right now (even sporty ones like these), but these sandals, especially, are meant to be worn. There's nothing dainty about them. You don’t have to worry about scuffing a heel or getting caught in an all too common unexpected summer thunderstorm or anything like that. Whatever you put them through, Tevas can handle it. And you gotta love that about these shoes.

See what Teva X National Forest are mixing up here:


They’re available in men’s and women’s sizing, so you and all of your friends can snag a pair. Then, get ready for your summer exploration to begin. Happy travels!

Image: Teva