10 Dogs Of Instagram To Follow Right Now

It's a proven fact that our dogs are more than just great friends, loyal companions, and primo Instagram fodder — they're actually good for our health. A new study has shown that when dogs and their owners look into each other's eyes, it actually boosts endorphins for both species. Feel the love, people! But if you're not lucky enough to have a canine pal in real life, you can experience the next best thing by spending hours staring at pictures of what are informally known as the dogs of Instagram.

This may sound like nothing more than a guilty pleasure activity, but think again: a 2012 study (also known as the best study ever conducted) found that looking at pictures of baby animals boosts your productivity. So there's no need to feel guilty the next time you sneak a peek at some internet dogs during the school or work day — you're really doing your employer/ teachers/ loved ones a favor!

And let's face it, sometimes looking at other people's accounts on social media can get a little tiresome. We get it, you had tacos for dinner! Dogs, on the other hand, are always welcome to document their good hair days and fun little day trips. Checking out a dog Instagram account won't ever give you FOMO (fear of missing out) — it'll just give you FOMOOHADA (fear of missing out on having a dog awwwww)

With all that in mind, I've been kind enough to scour Instagram for the cutest, wittiest, and sweetest dogs we should all be following. So, next time you need a break for the stress of the daily grind, just take a deep breath and then scroll your Instagram feed directly to these 10 canine heartbreakers.

1. Cosmo The Golden Retriever

Cosmo, who resides in Malaysia, gets the Monday blues just like the rest of us. He also hates being left home alone by the humans and has a knack for balancing random objects on his head.

2. Corgnelius & Stumphrey The Corgis

In addition to being squeal-worthy, these LA-based corgi bros helped their owner pop the question. Want to see how great they look in glasses and bow-ties? Follow them and find out!

3. Tuna The Chihuahua-Dachshund Mix

With 1.4 million followers, this rescue dog with the cutest overbite ever is one of the most popular dogs on the internet. Tuna is a bona fide celeb with an official site where you can shop for products featuring his adorable mug, including calendars and t-shirts — as well as send in booking inquiries and purchase his very own book. Just be sure to tag any Tuna-related posts with the hashtag #tunameltsmyheart (see what they did there?).

4. Momo The Border Collie

Looking for an Instagram account that combines your love of dogs with your passion for travel? Look no further than Momo the border collie's account. He tours the country to meet his fans (posting plenty of adorable photos along the way, of course) and, like Tuna, he's also a published author — Momo's book documents his cross-country travels. He's also the canine equivalent of Where's Waldo — he enjoys playing hide and seek, and sometimes you have to look closely at his photos to spot him. But trust me, it's worth the effort.

5. Quinn The Bernese Mountain Dog

Quinn lives in Massachusetts and was considerably more enthused about last winter's unrelenting snowstorms than most of her fellow northeasterners. But lest you think that you'd have nothing in common with her, her bio explains that she's also a huge fan of cheese. See? You guys would totally be best friends if you met.

6. Beta The French Bulldog

When Beta's not napping, she's busy yawning or looking super exhausted — the common thread being that she looks adorable doing all of these activities.

7. Balki Bones The Havanese

Balki Bones required a leg amputation after being struck by a car several years ago, but he doesn't let that cramp his style. He likes to refer to himself as "tripawd" (these Instagram dogs really know the value of a good pun) and he engages in all the same activities as his four-legged peers: swimming, playing in the park, and updating his Tumblr account.

8. Jiff The Pomeranian

Jiff looks suspiciously like a perfect stuffed animal, but I assure you that he is real. Not only that, but he holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest dog on two paws — not too shabby.

9. Douglas The Golden Retriever

He goes by the nickname "Dougie" and he's co-dependent in the best way possible. I normally hate driving, but I wouldn't mind a car ride if I got to hold hands with this stud.

10. Menswear Dog The Shiba Inu

This dapper fellow can easily rock any outfit, but he also knows the most important rule of style: you're never fully dressed without a smile.

Image: Dear Beta/ Instagram