Starbucks Napkins Can Double As A Beauty Tool

On my list of summer beauty necessities, blotting papers come up on top to save face during sweaty, sweltering days when all that fun in the sun can leave your forehead oily. But if you're not down with shelling out big bucks, it turns out that Starbucks napkins make great blotting papers. Who knew?!

The next time you're waiting on line for your latte, start stuffing your pockets with Starbucks napkins, because those babies are beauty miracle. The brown, unbleached napkins stamped with that trademark logo are amazing at absorbing and blotting facial oil. They've even earned themselves a spot on Makeup Alley and a following from some top beauty bloggers! "Now I prefer them to actual oil-blotting papers because they're durable, they soak up oil really well without removing or disturbing makeup, and they're free," Daneen Baird of the beauty blog Spoiled Pretty told Allure.

Thanks to Starbucks, you'll never have to pay for a pack of expensive blotting products again! But just in case you're doing some serious cutting back on your beauty budget, check out these other beauty products disguised as household products and save that cash for your summer vacay.

De-Frizzing Dryer Sheets

Out of your hair serum but still need to tame that summer frizz? Run a dryer sheet through your locks to tame frizz and add a touch of sweet scent.

Nail Your Beauty Game with Toothpaste

Summery coral-colored nail polish leave your nails with a yucky, yellow stain? Simply polish them with toothpaste to restore their color and shine.

Paper Towel Curlers

Short on time or left your curling iron at your boyfriend's? Twist small sections of your hair with strips of paper towels and then blast with a hairdryer for loose curls.

Freshen Up with Dryer Starch

Since your go-to dry shampoo probably contains starch, if you're running low, laundry spray starch makes a great alternative. Just spray through locks and you're good to go!

Pam's More Than Just for Cooking

Pam or any other cooking spray can seal nail polish for quick-dry manicure.

Make Your Eyeliner Game Stick

Still struggling with an uneven cat eye or winged liner? You can use clear tape as a stencil to perfect your eyeliner by sticking two pieces along your eyes.

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