LED Water Slide Is All Of Your Dreams Come To Life, Plus 6 Other Water Slides We Wish We Had In Our Backyard

I've always been kind of scared of water slides. They go too fast for my liking and you can't see what's coming up around the bend. Don't even get me started on water slides that are in a tunnel. Those things just seem like death traps to me. Regardless, I can totally get behind this "Black Hole" LED water slide, and even though it's something I would never, ever slide down, I would thoroughly encourage you to. It's not that I don't WANT to slide down a water slide. I do, I really, really do. It's just that I'm a total pussy, and I'm going to need you to let me know how your experience goes so I can live vicariously through you.

The last time I went down a slide was several years ago at the New Museum in New York, they had an installation that was a slide between floors. I screamed so loudly on the way down that the security guard waiting at the bottom for me was doubled over with laughter. So that's me on slides. ANYWAY. The point is not about me and slides but about this amazing LED slide that looks like it would be an absolutely incredible sliding experience. SEE:


Watch the entire crazy ride below:


In the spirit of awesome water slides, here are some more amazing ones everyone would love to have in their backyard:

1. Any of these amazing water slides that go through aquariums:

armybooty on YouTube

2. This water slide that makes it look like you're sliding into a cobra's mouth

acquaz10 on YouTube

3. This water slide that gives you a light, audio and video show as you go down

Attraction Spot on YouTube

4. This looping water slide

Brian Ortner on YouTube

5. This beautiful water slide through lush vegetation

bret on YouTube

6. This natural surrounded white water water slide

Allen KV Vidz on YouTube

It's almost enough to make me want to ride a bunch of water slides all in a row! (I said to nobody, ever.)

Images: YouTube