Silver-Plated Clothing Company Claims To Kill Germs & Protect Your Body From Electromagnetic Radiation

Wouldn't it be great if a clothing line with the ability to turn you into "an inner capsule of health, beauty, and pleasure" existed? The brand claims to do just that, but writer Stephanie Georgepulos at Refinery29 found the final product ultimately didn't live up to its promises. As is sadly too often the case, "when it sounds to good to be true..." uses silver (yes, like the actual metal) in each of it's pieces, claiming "positively-charged silver ions can block electromagnetic radiation from our smartphones, kill germs, regulate body temperature, and reduce inflammation." Who wouldn't want a tank top that transformed you into super woman?

Georgepulos committed to wearing pieces from the line for seven days and, while she received plenty of compliments on the cool-looking silver and rose gold pieces, she found the claims about basically turning into a health goddess just didn't hold up. After further researching the brand's scientific claims and finding little validation in the studies, she shared, "Arjuna has a lovely line, and it didn’t need to make a scientific breakthrough to be important/legitimate/useful."

She's right about the line not needing to fabricate any beneficial health claims, because it's all totally unique and on point. The line looks like American Apparel and retro aliens had some cool metallic love child with a serious penchant for clean angles. I wish their clothes would turn me into a beacon of glowing health, but I might still snag a piece or two regardless 'cause they're just dang cool.

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