School Cites 25 Girls For Dress Code Violations

by Jessica Willingham

Things are heating up again in the schools vs. females in the great dress code debate. Just because school is almost out and summer weather has arrived doesn't mean this school was any more reasonable when it came to enforcing certain dress code rules on certain students. Last week, the Vista Murrieta High School in Murrieta, California pulled 25-60 girls out of class in order to enforce dress code regulations.

Just two days before graduation — and in 90 degree heat — passels of female students were escorted to the office for On Campus Intervention (OCI) for dress code violations where they had to wait to be brought clothes that met dress code requirements, according to Cosmopolitan.

Regional school board spokesperson Karen Perris confirmed that 25 girls were cited for dress code violations, but students are claiming that number is closer to 60. One student uploaded a video of girls on their way to OCI for violations, and there are a lot of students. And here's the real kicker: they all look pretty well-dressed to me.

Murrieta High's dress code explicitly outlaws female students from wearing tube tops, low cut tops that expose cleavage, tops that expose most to all of their backs (single strap and halter tops), and skirts/shorts/skorts that are shorter than 4" from the top of knee (even if leggings or tights are worn underneath). Naturally, no matter what you're wearing, "administrators reserve the right to determine 'appropriate dress code'". Equally unsurprising, the dress code includes very few rules for boys.

Perris told Yahoo news that "you don't typically find boys wearing leggings or skirts, so that's why it's different." Uh huh. Per one student's tweet, boys are wearing some pretty skimpy shorts themselves, and getting away with it.

"That code has been enforced all year long," Perris said. "On the last week of school, that should not have come as a surprise to anyone." Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Most schools don't realize that the distraction of pulling dozens and dozens of girls out of class, on a steaming hot day, is likely much greater than any dress code violation. What they also didn't realize is that they should not have messed with female millennials. We're digitally native, body positive, and pretty eager to put your discrimination on blast via social media.

Image: Vista Murrieta High School Class of 2018/Instagram