Will Kirsten's Growing Emotions Harm Her On 'Stitchers'? They Could Spell Danger On The Job Or Bring Her Closer To Cameron

Can we all agree that the relationship with Kirsten and Cameron is already ridiculously cute on ABC Family's new series Stitchers? Seriously, three episodes in and I already ship them, as well as Linus and Camille who are moving quite fast and furiously. Those two certainly make great television (Team Camus all the way). From Tuesday night's episode "Complications," we know that Cameron is getting extremely worried that Kirsten's growing emotional connections to the people whom she stitches into could get her in trouble, both in the outside world in health-wise. Cameron knows from experience that too strong an emotional connection can lead to disastrous results as shown by what supposedly happened to Marta which put her in a coma (Marta woke up from her coma, but is still a mystery all on her own). Obviously Cameron has every right to be worried about Kirsten, but it's possible that these growing emotions actually won't harm Kirsten, but instead will bring her closer to people in general, and Cameron more specifically. Is Kirsten in danger? Or could her emotions help her get closer to Cameron?

It's possible that yes is actually the answer to both of those questions. If Marta did fall into a coma because she got too connected with her stitch subject's residual emotions, then it's possible that will happen to Kirsten. Kirsten has already shown herself to be too emotionally involved in her first three cases, especially in Tuesday night's episode where she investigated the death of a young woman whose husband was the sole suspect.

Cameron has already proved to be quite emotionally invested in Kirsten. It's possible he just gets emotionally invested with his co-workers, but I don't see him worry about Camille, Linus or Maggie all that much (especially since even Maggie knows Cameron doesn't like or trust her). The only other person for whom we've seen Cameron show any kind of emotional connection is Marta whom he seemed to visit in the hospital pretty damn regularly. Could Cameron and Marta have been together, or at the very least, could he have been romantically interested in her?

In the scene where Cameron and Fisher chastise Kirsten for talking to the suspect in the murder case, Cameron's anger seems to be more worry for Kirsten's safety and for the fact that he's seen this behavior before in Marta and it's what got her really hurt. Even Kirsten can pick up on the subtext here as she confronts Cameron about it later.

By the end of the episode, Kirsten has successfully used the residual emotions she got from her stitch to solve the case and prove that the husband was innocent as she stated he was all along. She seems to prove to Cameron that she can handle the emotions for the time being, but she asks Cameron if intense connection and overwhelming heartbreak are what make up love and is it even worth it to go through all that pain? Cameron quotes the famous Alfred Lord Tennyson line "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all," but basically says he doesn't know for sure.

If that's true than could Cameron really have fallen for or been with Marta? Perhaps he's just playing his emotions close to the vest in this scene, perhaps he really will only fall in love with Kirsten eventually. And perhaps Kirsten will learn to love him as all of the emotions from her stitches help her realize why love and other strong emotions are so important to human nature. But then again, it could really harm her if she continues to let it affect her so much. She could be better than Marta at using and separating the emotions as Maggie says, or it could prove to be way too much. All I know is that as long as it continues to bring Cameron and Kirsten together, I am onboard.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family (2); stitcherstv/Tumblr