Marta Wakes Up From Her Coma On 'Stitchers,' & She Might Have A Serious Connection To Kirsten & Maggie

Things are getting more and more complicated on ABC Family's new series Stitchers, which means the show is getting more and more fun to watch. On Tuesday night's episode "Connections," the stitchers' case itself was fairly interesting, but what was more pressing is the mystery surrounding Maggie and Marta, who might just be more connected than we originally thought. While Kirsten began finally looking through Ed's things that Maggie gave to her, she came across a photo of Ed and her mother. Maggie stated that she didn't know anything about the photo, or why someone was ripped out. But viewers soon discovered that Maggie was the third person in the photo proving she had some kind of connection to Ed possibly outside of just being the head of the Stitchers program. As that was happening the camera cut to show Marta waking up from her coma. Could Maggie and Marta share a past? Could Marta know things about Maggie and Ed that put her in a coma? Were Ed and Maggie romantically involved?

Now maybe I'm getting paranoid but I feel like these two women are more involved with each other than just as a former employer and employee. I can't believe that the Stitchers crew coincidentally combined Marta's awakening to Maggie and Ed's growing mysterious connection and past. So let's review what we do know already, shall we?

We know from the torn photo that Ed, Kirsten's mother and Maggie all knew each other when they were younger, presumably when Ed and Kirsten's parents help create the stitchers' technology. That means it's entirely possible that Maggie also contributed to the project, which would make a lot of sense since she now runs it and seems to be the only person involved in it still out of those four main collaborators. We also know that on both sections of the torn photo, someone has written the word "remember," and Maggie's photo came from an envelope addressed to her with no forwarding address.

We also know that Ed left a tape for Kirsten entitled "For when I'm gone" but from a flashback, we see that Kirsten originally got that tape when Ed had to go away for a while and threw it in the trash, only to have Ed's wife pick it up and presumably save it for Kirsten. Plus we can assume that Maggie is keeping all kinds of secrets from Kirsten, not just because she's "a Machiavellian bitch who believes knowledge is power and wants to retain power from others," but we now know it's because she's connected to the creators.

So here is a theory. Ed Clark and Maggie had an affair at one point. She, Ed, and Kirsten's parents created the stitchers technology together and sold it to the government. But at some point, Maggie and Ed ended their relationship and he even tore her out of the photo they were in together. Maggie herself says it seems like whoever Ed ripped out of the photo was "someone he didn't think very highly of." So clearly they had some kind of falling out.

Perhaps Maggie did something that proved she could not be trusted, maybe she took the stitchers technology out of the group's hands and betrayed them. Or maybe Maggie got pregnant with Ed's baby and when he told her he couldn't leave his wife and Kirsten, she ended things and took over the stitchers technology out of anger. What if Maggie was involved in Ed's death and that's one of the reasons she wouldn't let Kirsten stitch in his brain? What if she's getting closer to Kirsten to use her intelligence and knowledge for the program and to make sure she doesn't find out the mysteries surrounding Ed or Kirsten's father? And here's possibly the biggest leap of all, what if Marta is Maggie's daughter?

Think about it. The last scene from "Complications" showed Kirsten listening to the tape Ed left her of fairy tale stories. The first one he tells is about Sleeping Beauty and he begins the story as we all know it: A king and queen long for a child and get a daughter. But an angry fairy dooms the child to prick her finger and die. While Ed is narrating the story, the camera cuts to Maggie looking at the torn photo and immediately cuts to Marta waking up at the end. If Maggie, Marta, Ed and Kirsten aren't all connected, then why shoot this scene this way? I believe their pasts intertwine and it'll be interesting to see how the series shows this if any of this is true.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family (3); stitcherstv/Tumblr