5 Ways Your Partner Can Help With Wedding Planning

by Beth Sharb

It goes without saying that in many relationships, even when it comes to engaged couples, there is often the person who just doesn't want to get involved with wedding planning. How to get your partner involved with wedding planning may not seem easy; they may be saying, "Whatever you want, honey," kind of a lot — but weddings are a lot of work. Even if you have a wedding planner and great bridesmaids, don't you want your future husband or wife to get excited with you? Chances are, he or she is just as excited as the wedding as you are, but just doesn't know how to help, or is worried he or she will mess something up. Let your fiancé play up their strengths, and you'll be able to work together to create the day of both your dreams.

Marriage is about compromise after all, isn't it? And no one said that wedding planning wasn't going to be work, right? So put in a little extra effort to get your partner super excited about planning a wedding and the process will not only be easy, but will make you both feel involved, supported, and happy — and that's all very, very good stuff, whether you're planning a wedding together or not.

1. The Booze

You and your friends may just need some chardonnay to get the party started, but chances are your partner and your guests might appreciate something a little different; no one has the exact same tastes, after all. Have your partner come up with the signature cocktail recipe for the bar. I love these ideas from Brides to help he or she get started!

2. The Budget

Even if your fiancé is clearly not an accountant or banker, maybe you're marrying a math nerd who loves to balance the checking account and play the stock market. If so, put your future spouse in charge of your wedding budget! This is also great practice for your married life together...just saying.

3. The Music

If your partner is super into music, then let he or she take the reigns when it comes to this part of the wedding. Who knows? Maybe his coworker plays the harp and can play at the ceremony. Check Spotify for wedding playlists and go from there. Or, if you've decided to just make some playlists on an iPod and get your own speakers, he or she can veg out in front of the computer and make the playlists. It's a win no matter what!

4. The Date

Yep, that's right. The date. By having your groom involved in this very first and perhaps most important conversation, you'll be able to avoid getting married during any other important sporting event, for example, if that's his/her thing.

5. The Mediation

This is one of my all-time favorite tips to get fiancés involved! Are you sick of telling your cousins that their five kids aren't invited? Tired of telling your future mother-in-law that she can't wear an ivory dress to the wedding, even though she got it on sale at Macy's? Assign these meddlesome family members to your groom or future bride! You won't have to feel bad about saying no, and he'll know that he's helping you immensely.

Images: lkoimages/Fotolia; Giphy (5)