7 Moments From Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" Music Video That Are Too Crazy To Handle —VIDEO

Prepare to be thoroughly confused. Following a series of teasers across her various social media platforms last week, Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" music video finally premiered on Jay Z's new streaming site, TIDAL, on Wednesday. As the legendary singer promised in the teasers, the video is is a veritable fever dream of celebrity cameos, with everyone from Katy Perry to Kanye West to Beyoncé making brief appearances as party-goers. As Stereogum points out, the parade of famous friends that show up in the video seems to be Taylor Swift/"Bad Blood"-derivative, although, interestingly enough, Swift is noticeably absent from the #squadgoals-esque video. (It's also worth noting that Rihanna isn't there as well for some other unknown reason, which makes no logical sense whatsoever because she's perfect and why would you not invite her to the party? That's just rude.)

However, despite Rihanna's absence, there's really no getting around it: this video is insane. For much of it, it's hard to tell what exactly is happening, or keep track of how many people Madonna's apparently best buds with throughout the video. So, before you rush off to watch it on TIDAL in full, here are the most WTF moments from "Bitch I'm Madonna" that you should definitely make sure you don't miss.

These Little Girls' Insane Levels Of Fierce

Especially the one in the middle who's already SO DONE with this video. Keep serving face forever, please.

This Chris Rock/Rita Ora Cameo Combo:

What do you think they talked about?

This Impromptu Black Light Sock Puppet Show:

Mildly absurd use of glow-in-the-dark socks, or subversive commentary of the disposability of consumer culture? Could go either way. But probably the first one.

The Onslaught Of Celebrity Cameos:

It starts with Miley Cyrus holding things down on the glitter front, naturally.

When Beyoncé Blesses This Video With Her Face:

Along with a brief but #flawless vogue-ing sesh.

This Very Important Katy Perry Moment:

Madonna wants you to know she has friends. Famous friends.

When Kanye West Accosts The Camera:

And proceeds to briefly lose his mind.

Check out the full video below.


Images: Madonna/TIDAL (7)