7 Lessons You Learned From Your Father (aka The Man Who Knows It All)

If there's one man who will always be a star in your eyes, it's your father. He taught you everything from how to ride a bike to how to have an opinion, and he always did it with a smile on his face and love in his heart. The lessons you can only learn from dad are some of the most important you will ever learn in your life, and while they may seem almost innate now, you actually had a teacher all along — your father.

Forget elementary school, forget high school, forget college — the best schooling you ever received was from the man who loves you the most. If you take a step back and take a look at your father, you might start to realize that he has it all — and if you take an even further step back, you might start to realize that he's been working all his life to instill in you the abilities and values you need to have it all too.

This Father's Day, make sure you appreciate dad for all that he is to you. He hasn't ever led you astray, and when it comes to the greatest teacher you will ever have, realize that you're looking right at him when you give him that Father's Day hug he so deserves.

1. Girls can do anything boys can do.

If Dad ever heard that you weren't allowed to play a sport because it was "boys only," you know he wasn't going to let that fly. Anything the guys can do, your dad knew you could do (and probably better). Dad went fishing? He took you with him. Dad was fixing his car in the garage? He showed you the engine. And the list goes on and on.

2. Anything is possible through hard work.

It's kind of hard to believe, but every father was once an annoying teenage boy running around and causing trouble. Guess how dad got to where he is today? Hard and consistent work. He might not ever tell you about it (or you might hear how he had to "walk uphill both ways to school" every day), but he worked hard for what he has, and you can too.

3. It's actually pretty easy to change a flat tire.

There was no way dad was letting you cruise the streets of America without knowing how to fix a flat. His baby girl sitting by the side of the road waiting for help from a stranger? Oh, heck no. Dad showed you how it's done.

4. Your mother means well.

It's simply a fact that mothers and daughters have a tendency to butt heads — especially when said daughters are still living under said mothers' roofs. No matter how mad you may have gotten at your mom, your dad was always there to promise you that she really wasn't out to get you.

5. When it comes to romance, you deserve nothing but the best.

Remember when your prom date picked you up in high school, and your dad had a little "chat" with him while your mom was still fidgeting over your dress? It's hard for a father to give his daughter away to another person, and he's only going to do it if the guy's deserving and nothing less than a gentleman.

6. Start saving as soon as you start making money.

It may seem like a simple idea in theory, but when it comes to actuality, saving money is much easier said than done. From a very early age, Dad taught you the importance of a dollar bill (remember your chore list?). He might not be around forever, but he wants to be sure you're secure long after he's gone.

7. Family is everything.

Regardless of if you're a social butterfly and need more than your fingers and toes to count your besties, if there's one thing Dad taught you, it's that family is everything. Janet may have been talking behind your back, and Susie might have stopped talking to you altogether — but at the end of the day, your dad would always be there (and be ready to talk).

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