11 Times Drake Was Hilarious On Social Media, Because The Rapper Doesn't Always Hate The Internet

From listening to Drake's latest music, you would think that he never touches his smartphone or his computer. The rapper certainly hates on the Internet enough in his lyrics, after all. Think of lines from his newest album, If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. Memorable quips like "F--k going online, that ain't part of my day," and "F--k what they're talking about on your timeline" come to mind. But the 6 Man is, in fact, guilty of going on his social media feeds. I'm not complaining, though, because Drake's social media posts are kind of hilarious.

You have to hand it to celebrities who are able to crack a joke or two at their own expense. It is well known that a lot of people poke fun at the 28-year-old for a multitude of things, such as being from Canada, starring on teen show Degrassi, and of course, his reputation for being super sensitive and in touch with his feelings. But considering the Grammy winner's widespread commercial success, it is safe to say that more people are laughing with him than at him.

From repeatedly making his image and public persona into memes to sharing laugh-out-loud messages from some of his most creative fans, Drake is well educated in the art of making a hilarious social media post. He doesn't always go online, but when he does, he goes big on the funny factor. And his fans are really all the better for it.

Spoof Of His Album Cover

RIP Jim Joe.

Asking For A Friend

Way to turn the tables, Governors Ball.

His Personal Preferences

Oh you fancy, huh?

His Kind Of Girls

You have to love his team spirit!

Frustrated Fans

Well, this guy will be glad to know his message was received.

Year Of Drake

A self-fulfilling prophecy. No doubt about it.

That Time He Hung Out With Rob Ford

You have to love it when he reminisces about meeting up with Ford. The hash tags are just icing on the cake.

The Truth

This woman is really just telling it like it is, and we are all better for it.

Sad Drake

Sad Drake rivals all this talk about Sad Kanye, don't you think?

The Eyebrows

This cannot be unseen.

Changing Beverage Preferences

Well, he did say that he started from the bottom. And now, he's here.