Emma Stone Can't Choose Between Bradley Cooper & Ryan Gosling, So What We Really Need Is A Movie Starring All Three

Every day we're faced with tough choices, but poor Emma Stone recently faced the toughest of them all. During an interview, Stone was asked to pick between Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. The actress has shared quality on-screen time with both stars, Gosling in Crazy. Stupid. Love. and Cooper in Aloha. Having to choose between them though? I'm stressed just thinking about it. Luckily, Stone handled the situation with her signature ease and humor, answering, "Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling." Her answer is both eloquent and inspiring. Why should she have to choose when she could have both actors? As co-stars, of course.

The actress has surely proven she has the chops to star alongside two major heavy-hitters. Her 2015 Oscar nomination makes this the perfect time for her making a bold career move — and I think it should involve Cooper and Gosling.

Hollywood, I'm asking you to make this happen. There's so many reason why a movie starring this trio would be the best ever and, undoubtedly, box office gold. It stands to be an amazing move for all three stars — and, incidentally, would be the best thing to ever happen to the film industry. (OK, one of the best things.)

Either way, here are a few reasons why a Stone-Cooper-Gosling project would be amazing.

1. Stone Can Hold Her Own

Have you seen Superbad? Then you know that the little-known Stone stood out in a sea of hilarious co-stars.

2. Box Office Draw

Three leading actors in one project? It's like Wedding Crashers all over again.

3. It Can Be a Comedy or a Drama

Stone, Cooper and Gosling have all proven they can be hilarious or dramatic when the occasion calls. The options are limitless here!

4. We Need Something New

Big-budget films are becoming the norm, but give me a clever rom-com or indie flick any day.

5. It Could Finally Land Someone an Oscar

Cooper, Stone and Gosling collectively have six Academy Award nominations. It's time for someone to win.

6. Cooper and Gosling's Chemistry

We know how Stone and Gosling are, and how Stone and Cooper are, but we have yet to see how Cooper and Gosling work on-screen.

7. My Dreams Would Come True

OK, so this one is a little selfish. But tell me your dreams wouldn't come true, too. Anyone who claims that is clearly just a liar.

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