Finally, America Has a Gay 'Bachelor'

All joking aside, this is actually an idea that ABC should consider — The Bachelor has been a pretty tired show for a while now, so centering a future season around a gay man looking for love might be a good idea to get the show interesting again. I know, I know: Bravo tried it back in 2003 with Boy Meets Boy , and it was swiftly canceled because no one watched it. But that was 13 years ago — The Bachelor had just started airing on TV two years prior, and reality shows weren't as big of a draw as they are now. Just an idea. If ABC does want to give it a shot, though, they might not want to model it after this Funny or Die skit, which sticks Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family fame onto the ABC reality show as a bachelor named Bryden who's looking for true love in all the wrong places.

The wrong places being, well — ABC's The Bachelor.

What seems like a good idea in the beginning turns disappointing for Bryden really quickly when his potential suitors arrive at the house — and immediately occupy themselves with champagne and the hot tub instead of taking the time to get to know Bryden. George Takei is there as host too, which is also something that ABC should seriously consider. Chris Harrison who?

You can check out the clip below.