Who Plays John Glenn On 'Astronaut Wives Club'?

The Astronaut Wives Club may be about the strong ladies behind the first group of men to be launched into outer space, but the original astronauts as equally fascinating. I'm looking forward to their side of the story as much as the ladies. Who plays John Glenn in The Astronaut Wives Club? Australian actor Sam Reid plays the first man to orbit the Earth and former Marine who would go on to become a United States senator.

He's also the only member of the "Mercury Seven" who is living today. It's so interesting, for me, to think of astronauts as military veterans. While many astronauts have served in the armed forces, especially back in the early days, that's not the picture that comes to mind today when I think of a space explorer that's not in Star Trek. It's also not a NASA requirement for the Astronaut candidate program. Neither is flight experience! However, John Glenn and his fellow astronauts were all either members of the Marines, U.S. Navy, or the Air Force.

Reid certainly has an affinity for military roles, or at least he's been typecast as such. The 28 year old actor is still an up and coming screen presence, but chances are you've seen his work before. Here are some of the films and television shows you may recognize him from recently.


First of all, if you haven't seen 2013's independent period romance starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, what are you doing with your life? Go see it right now. It's like a Jane Austen-ish, Disney princess historical fluff fest. Reid plays John Davinier in Belle , a law student and one of Dido's love interests. I guarantee that debates over insurance law has never sounded sexier. I know he calls her "Miss Lindsay" instead of "Dido" or even "Belle" in the clip above but just roll with it. They're British and have many names/titles.

Hatfields & McCoys

Reid played Tolbert McCoy in the first three hours of the History Channel mini-series.


In the 2014 thriller about a soldier abandoned on mission in Belfast, Reid plays Lt. Armitage alongside Jack O'Connell.


In this film, which centered around the continuing mystery that William Shakespeare did not pen all works attributed to him, Sam Reid played the treasonous Earl of Essex.

The Railway Man

Sam Reid plays a younger version of Stellan Skarsgård's character in this film about Japanese prisoners of war during World War II. See, another military role! You can see why he was chosen to portray such an interesting American figure as John Glenn.

Image: Cook Allender/ABC; theloupgaroux/Tumblr