Selena Gomez's 'Hotel Translyvania 2' Premiere Outfit Has People Up In Arms For An Unexpected Reason

A woman can never be overdressed, right? Earlier this week Selena Gomez's Hotel Translyvania 2 premiere dress has some people pretty angry for a totally unexpected reason. While she looked absolutely flawless, her co-stars Kevin James and Adam Sandler shed a brand new light on the term business way-too-casual. What happens in Cancun clearly doesn’t stay in Cancun, and once snapshots from the premiere got around, the obvious contrast between Gomez and her costars re-sparked a conversation about double standards in fashion.

Obviously Sandler and James wouldn't miss a chance to promote promote their new film, especially in the tropical paradise that is Mexico, but unlike Gomez, the comedians walked the red carpet in what I wouldn't consider their Saturday best — aka tee shirts, sweatpants, shorts, sneakers and a baseball cap. Classy.

According to Yahoo's Lauren Tuck, these photos go beyond a simple mishap:

There’s a double standard in Hollywood fashion, and this photo — men, looking as if they’ve rolled out of bed or come from the gym, with their female co-star putting effort (and hours of it) into her appearance — encapsulates it. Sure, Sandler’s got a reputation for being a slob, often throwing a middle finger up in the face of assumed dressing standards and having an apathetic attitude towards the bright lights big city culture, but that doesn’t discount him from the sexist issue at the heart of it all.

Do I agree that women are held to much higher standards in regards to how they dress, especially under Hollywood spotlights? Absolutely. Does this photo of Gomez, James and Sandler represent the double standard that exists between women and men in regards to fashion? Not necessarily.

When I think "movie premiere," I think suit and tie combos and designer dresses. I could understand there being an uproar over these photos if women dressing to the nines while men dressed in sweats and tees to big events was a super common occurrence, but generally there's an equal level of glam from both genders. Perhaps there was some sort of miscommunication that resulted in the stars wearing dramatically different types of outfits.

When it comes down to it, there's no denying that Selena Gomez looks radiant in her bandeau and slit-skirt combo. In fact, standing next to Kevin James and Adam Sandler in their casual get ups make her look ten times as flawless.

Also note the smile across her face as she embraces her costars in a dual side hug. Whether or not this event was meant to be casual or not, she doesn't seem to mind.

Work it, girl.