8 Times Marvel's Loki & Thor Were Just Like You & Your Sibling, Because Gods Or Not, Those Two Are So Relatable

They may be gods of another world, but trust me: Marvel's Loki and Thor have the same sibling issues as the rest of us non-gods do. Well, OK, not the exact same issues: You probably aren't locked in a struggle with your sibling over claiming your birthright as ruler of Asgard. However, though no real-life experience mirrors it, said struggle is not unlike the battle you wage when your sibling won't hand over control of the remote. See? They're relatable — just in their own way.

Sibling life is always hard, no matter how mundane or extreme the conditions. It's complicated too: Loki and Thor are constantly fighting it seems, but they also have each other's backs. Most of the time. Much of the world thinks Loki is an irredeemable super-villain, but, to Thor, Loki will always be his (annoying) little brother... even when he's trying to take over Earth.

The brothers should be the poster gods for sibling relationships. Their complex, layered interactions with each other perfectly mirror real-life sibling problems. The stakes are higher, but the emotions are the same — after all, being someone's brother or sister is hard work. Sometimes your sibling can be your best friend in the world, and other times they rat you out to your parents for no apparent reason at all. Such are the mysterious ways of siblinghood.

Loki and Thor feel your pain (and your love of having a sibling, at the end of the day). Check out the eight times they were definitely channeling you and your sibling.

1. When Loki Led Thor Into A Trap

Remember how in Thor, Loki led his brother into a battle he knew their dad would be ticked off about? That was you every single time you told your sibling it was fine to jump on the furniture or steal cupcakes out of the fridge, even though you knew your mom would definitely ground them.

2. When Loki Admitted He Just Wanted To Be Thor's Equal

Loki's desire to live outside of Thor's shadow is a classic younger sibling problem. I've been there, you've probably been there too — unless you're the older sibling, in which case cut your own Loki some slack. Younger siblings just want their older siblings to admit they are both equally awesome. That's not so hard, right?

3. When Thor Stopped The Avengers From Dealing With Loki

You can fight with your sibling all you want, but, no matter what they're doing, no one else gets to mess with them — that is your job, and your job only. Much like Thor, you have gotten ticked off when someone dared to insult your sibling in front of you.

4. When Thor Apologized For Loki's Actions

When Thor sheepishly apologized for Loki in The Avengers, you know you were laughing because it was way too familiar. When your sibling acts a fool and you can do nothing but shrug helplessly, you totally feel Thor's pain.

5. When Loki And Thor Teamed Up In Thor: The Dark World

Thor and Loki working together was a major fist pump moment. It was also eerily reminiscent of every time you and your sibling teamed up to conquer Black Friday sales, or build a bookcase from Ikea... right down to the epic power walk.

6. When Loki Ruined Thor's Coronation

When you were kids, you and your sibling probably ruined events for each other all the time — either intentionally or unintentionally. Whether it was a prank gone wrong or an ill-timed tantrum, you know you and your sibling each have a story about the time the other one totally stole the spotlight on the other one's big day.

7. Every Time They Fought

If people think Thor and Loki's fights are hardcore, they have clearly never seen you and your sibling argue over the remote. Or a toy. Or who gets to borrow the car. Or anything, basically.

8. Every Time They Stood By Each Other

At the end of the day, Thor and Loki are bros and BFFs. The same goes for you and your sibling: It doesn't matter how much you drive each other crazy, or how many times they eat your last yogurt, you and your sibling are family, and you love their stupid face more than you can say.

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