Brian Williams Will Stay At NBC, Report Says, But Exactly What Role Will He Have?

CNN Money reported Wednesday night that Brian Williams will continue to work at NBC after his six-month suspension is up in August. The "tentative agreement" has Williams staying on with the network, but likely not in his former role as anchor of NBC Nightly News. Williams' attorney Bob Barnett has reportedly been in talks with NBC executives over the past few days, but he and an NBC spokesperson declined to comment to CNN Money. Sources who spoke to CNN said that Williams' new role isn't quite ironed out yet, but a few executives know the details, and a formal statement could be made as soon as Thursday.

If he doesn't return as anchor of NBC Nightly News, what are his options? CNN correspondent Brian Stelter said speculation about Williams' role has focused on a few options: working at MSNBC, having a roving reporter job like Ann Curry did, some job involving NBCUniversal, or a completely new position no one's considered yet. Several Twitter users have pointed out a possible opportunity of Williams hosting a late night show. But again, it's still a "tentative" agreement. Just like there's no word on what his return might look like, there's no details out yet about when Williams will even come back to the network.

NBC News suspended Williams in February for six months after claims he made regarding his time reporting on the Iraq War in 2003 were disputed. Soon other things he said came under scrutiny, and an investigation into his statements began. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that NBC journalists had made a video compilation of Williams' stories, which could help determine what role he plays or doesn't play at NBC. While the Post reported that the video made a "vivid case" against Williams, it's possible that the content might be used just as leverage to assign him to a lesser position at the network.