Emma Stone In 'Ghostbusters' Is A Missed Opportunity, Both For Emma Stone & For Fans

Like most people, I am a huge fan of Emma Stone and most of her life choices. So, imagine my surprise when the latest cover story featuring the Amazing Spider-Man actress revealed that Stone turned down a role in Ghostbusters . Before the all-star cast including Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy was announced, Stone was one of my top choices for a role on the all-female squad. It's one thing to believe that she was never considered, to deal with that pain, but to hear that she was interested, and they were interested, and she decided to pass because "a franchise is a big commitment?" Well, that's — completely understandable, but also so depressing. Naturally, ever since her little revelation, I've been finding it hard to avoid wondering what the Ghostbusters reboot would be like if Stone was starring in it.

The movie hasn't even come out yet, and I already have some ideas for how the 26-year-old would affect the plot. Stone has a distinct acting style that is all her own, from her hilarious facial expressions to her manner of speaking to the way she never shies away from physical comedy. She is as adorkable as Jennifer Lawrence, as graceful as Angelina Jolie, and as entertaining as McCarthy or Wiig.

While I will forever be sad that we won't have Stone around the Ghostbusters, even as an assistant or as a co-worker to receptionist Chris Hemsworth, let's take a moment to just imagine how our lives could be different with Stone at the helm of this movie.

The Film Would Open On A Botched Job


In one of the most serious action scenes in the whole movie, Stone would be leading her team in the apprehension of a ghost, suited up and completely focused. That's when the job would go sideways, the earliest signs of which being the way Stone kept trying to find the right one-liner to try on the ghost when she found it. Her team kept rejecting the ones she came up with, and she became increasingly frustrated, until she ran into the ghost. Without the one-liner prepared to give her confidence, the ghost got away.

She'd Return To The Base In Shame


Chris Hemsworth would take her out for drinks in order to help her drown her sorrows. Before the audience starts to think they've found their first 'ship of the film, Stone asks him how his wife and kid are doing as she works her way through a tequila shot glass pyramid that she's building from her empty shot glasses. She would reveal that she's fairly new to leading the team and just so eager to prove herself that she makes stupid, amateur mistakes like this one. The audience would feel for her. I already feel for her.

The Other Ghostbusters Would Support Her


Stone would return to work the next day, with a hangover and expecting to be mocked, when she discovers a surprise party thrown in her honor instead. The rest of the team noticed she seemed down about the botched job and just wanted to do a little something to cheer her up. A series of (hilarious) expressions would pass over Stone's face before she decides to kill her liver with second drinks. After all, you only live once. YOLO.

They Should Be Playing Some Drake At This Point


For ambiance. Actually, Drake should literally be there to perform, probably because these ladies saved him from a ghost at least once in the past, and now he makes sure he's always on call for surprise parties. What a nice guy, that Drake.

From There, She Gets A Redemption Arc


Stone is determined to prove that she is the right woman for the job of leading the Ghostbusters, and, admittedly, she works herself overly hard trying. Expect a montage of comedic screw-ups, a montage of even more comedic training, and perhaps some kind of calendar of the very small number of days it has been since Stone's last emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, their team continues to be one of the most effective teams worldwide... but that doesn't make them perfect.

Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, or Andrew Garfield Should Appear


Because Stone's chemistry with all three men is off the charts, and I just want to look at them, OK? Especially with Chris Hemsworth already there.

Stone Would Sing The Theme Song Herself


Considering the fact that it's being altered for the reboot, and considering the fact that we know that Stone can sing, it would be a missed opportunity not to have her sing the theme song. Admittedly, it wouldn't be as big of a missed opportunity as the fact that she's not in the movie at all, but, hey. I'll take what I can get from Hollywood.

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