Fifth Harmony's Normani Is The Psylence's Muse

Designer Jonathan Burdine's new The Psylence fashion collection with producer Tyce has its muse and she's a pop star. Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei is the inspiration for The Psylence's first collection. The notion of a hot singer endorsing a fashion brand is obviously nothing new, since everyone from Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus to Rihanna fronts designer campaigns and Burdine has worked with Ariana Grande and Kesha in the past.

Not only is Kordei the source of inspo, but she also stars in a minute-long "Move in Psylence" video where she does little more than dance around in all-black, draped by a sheer scarf x cape x piece of fabric that mimics wings as it swirls around her body.

It's deliberately sultry and Kordei, who also rocks fierce black lipstick, doesn't need to resort to stripping down to convey sex appeal. That's all present in her serpentine movements.

The singer also rocks super long, sleek, and expertly flat-ironed hair for most of the video, save for when it rains red rose petals and then her head is full of voluminous curls, Diana Ross-style!

The girl group singer looks gorgeous no matter how she wears her hair in this footage and her lithe frame and dance moves break the silence. Or The Psylence, I should say.

So what is The Psylence and what can we expect?

According to the site, it is a lot of things, actually, and it all feels very nebulous and abstract, at least conceptually.

The mission statement is thus: "The fruits of a unique partnership between fashion designer Jonathan Burdine and music producer Tyce create a Psylence that screams louder than words. Together they introduce a new line that presents the unique sensory. Natural synergy of the space between the notes. The psylence... Pushing the boundaries, Jonathan and Tyce present their first visual, move in Psylence. The future of fashion editorials."

The duo also spoke about the collab and the Move in Psylence collection.

Burdine said it's "a new wave of fashion, highlighting the synergy of the arts and presenting a vibe that flows through the clothing," while Tyce was a bit more specific, noting that the debut collection is "exciting and edgy... It feels sexy but classy at the same time."

They chose "Mani," as Tyce calls the diva, since he knew her back in Houston and views her like a little sister, among other reasons.

Burdine said that the singer "is so light and easy to connect with... we really got to capture her feelings."

See Normani in action. Girl's got flow. And keep up with The Psylence by following the brand's Instagram.

Images: YouTube (7)