Watch The Doctor Face Off Against a Bunny

Doctor Who's "Day of the Doctor" looms ever closer, and yes, we are still excited for it. We only have a limited time left with Matt Smith and his floppy hair, after all. But Matt Smith's Eleven isn't the star of this BBC news piece — that'd be David Tennant's Ten, and his fight with a rabbit.

OK, fine, there's a lot of cool stuff packed into this segment. There's Matt Smith talking about how great it is to be a part of the golden anniversary meeting of the Doctors and being able to share that time with Tennant. There's Tennant talking about how being back is "completely different, yet weirdly familiar." There's also Jenna Louise-Coleman talking about what it's like for Clara to be dealing with not her usual one, but three doctors, which is a refreshing perspective to get.

But David Tennant's confrontation with the rabbit (around 1:30) is by far the best. It's a classic Doctor monologue — one Tennant's done approximately 570,000 times before, and to great effect — that ends with an almost sputtered withdrawal. And it reminds us how much we've missed that man.

Now we just hope that Doctor joins the crew as a new companion.