Lorde Wears A Prada Coat On Summer 'Dazed' Cover

Lorde cannot and will not be moved when it comes to her fashion choices and personal style. Even as the dog days of summer arrive, Lorde covers Dazed wearing a black wool Prada coat while balancing herself on a fallen tree. So much meaning can be extracted from and is conveyed by the New Zealand-born singer's latest cover shot, but know this: her goth game remains stronger than ever.

Lorde, who was noticeably absent from her pal Taylor's Swift squad goals-heavy video for "Bad Blood," is perched on a log, cloaked in a tailored topper best-suited for chilly weather, and surrounded by barren branches. It's a totally autumnal image, even though it's the mag's Summer 2015 issue. I'm looking to consume a pumpkin spice latte right about now. #Basic.

Now, it's worth nothing that Dazed is a UK-based publication, and UK summers are not nearly as stifling as American summers. Still, I am looking at this striking image while the mercury continues to rise in my region and I'm breaking a sweat while doing so.

With her arms outstretched and her black coat paired with a long, floor-sweeping Lanvin dress, Lorde gives off a bit of a messianic or angel-like vibe, as if she is unleashing some sort of mythic power via her open arms.

Of course her wild, natural curls are in full effect.

Does this cover style look familiar? Well, it should, because this is Lorde's signature. Black is her color. Here's five other times Lorde has done nothing but black.

1. Hanging With Yeezy


Both Lorde and Yeezy wore top-to-toe all black. What a monochromatic pair.

2. Blingy, Belly, And All Black


Breathtaking! Lorde was a class act in a pantsuit, which she accessorized with a little bling while showing a touch of her tummy.

3. Wrapped In Black Satin

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once again, Lorde eschewed color for all black and covered up, remaining gorge. Grammys aren't really a bad accessory, either!

4. Oh My Goth!

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her signatures! Dark clothes, dark lips, statement hair, and porcelain skin. How can you not love her look?!

5. The Lady In Black

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Does it get any more elegant than Ella Yelich-O'Connor in an all-black frock such as this?

I only wear black and having someone as stylish and talented as Lorde rock (and indirectly champion) the color at every red carpet appearance is pretty amazing.

Images: Dazed (1); Getty (5)