5 Tips For Getting Your Plus Sized Navel Pierced

When other plus size women discover that I have my navel pierced after flaunting my own sexy body jewelry (thanks to my many half-naked selfies), I'm immediately realized that there was a dire need for tips piercing your belly button if you're plus size.

When I was 16, I really wanted my tongue pierced. It was the "cool" thing to do back when I was in high school, thanks to the movie Thirteen staring Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood. And like most teenagers, I really wanted to do something rebellious and edgy that expressed my youth and independence. Not to mention, as an overweight teenager, I thought the "coolness factor" of the tongue ring would take the edge off the perceived issue of my size.

Back then, I lived with my grandparents, and it didn't take me long to convince my ever-kind and loving grandfather to take me to a well-trained nurse I heard of who did piercings in her basement. I needed his permission to get the piercing, since I wasn't 18 yet. When we arrived, the nurse led us down to her basement, revealing a a clinic-like room where she did her piercings.

I sat down on the table, my legs dangling a little nervously. When she asked me what I wanted pierced, I told her I wanted a tongue ring. She told me to open my mouth so she could look at my tongue (which I did) and then sighed. "I can't pierce your tongue," she said regretfully, "you have braces."

I did have braces (off in only one more year!) but I had no idea that would effect my ability to pierce my tongue. Deflated, I glanced at my grandfather, and he, always the optimist, suggested, "Why don't you get something else pierced instead?" I still smile to myself every time I remember how cool my grandfather actually was.

My mind raced with options. People were getting their eyebrows pierced, that was pretty trendy. But no, that didn't suit my style. I wanted something a little more subtle, something you didn't necessarily always see. Suddenly, looking down at my belly, it came to me. I'd pierce my navel.

At the time, it didn't really occur to me that I may experience more issues with a navel piercing than others. I mean, yes, I was fat, but having zero experience with piercings (other than in my ears) I didn't think it would be something that would cause me any issues. However, after getting the piercing, going through the healing process, and having it now for almost half my life, I've become somewhat of a "plus size navel piercing" expert. So if you're like me and love the look of a belly ring, let's take a look at five tips for getting your belly button pierced if you are plus size.

1. Location, Location, Location

The location of your navel is probably the most important factor when considering a belly button piercing if you are plus size lady. You want to make sure that your belly button is exposed (so not hidden beneath a tummy roll when you stand up or sit down) since you need air exposure for the piercing to heal. If it doesn't get air exposure on the regular, it will most likely get infected and refuse to heal (which is really painful, not to mention disappointing).

2. Avoid Aggravation

Avoiding aggravation is key when dealing with a navel piercing, regardless of their size, but plus size women have to be a little more careful, as our bellies tend to get "in the way" more than thin bellies do. Sometimes our chubby bellies fold and turn into rolls when we sit or bend, and that can pull at and aggravate your piercing. I know that for me, the waist of my pants would sometimes rub against it or catch on it, which can pull at it and irritate the piercing. This can cause problems for the healing process, or cause infection and irritation to an already healed piercing. Always keep your piercing in mind when it comes to your clothing.

3. Keep It Clean

Again, this is a rule everyone has to follow regardless of their size, but as plus size women, we need to give this special attention. Sometimes our belly buttons are "bigger" and more cavernous than others may be (thanks to our adorable big bellies) and so making sure you keep your piercing clean is really important. I make sure to wash my navel with Spectro Gel every time I shower.

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4. Avoid Jewelry That Dangles

I know this sounds silly, but from my experience, navel jewelry that has parts that "dangle" are a no-no for us plus size girls, unfortunately. Although they may look really pretty, they also end up getting caught in your belly button. They also make it more likely for the jewelry to catch and get pulled on something (like your clothing) and it ends up being extremely uncomfortable and irritating. Go for jewelry that is a simple curved barbell, with the balls of the jewelry rounded and smooth. This allows for smooth movement of the jewelry within your piercing and will be less likely to catch, cause irritation or infection (aka pain, pain and more pain).

5. Show It Off

Belly button piercings are really pretty, so make sure you show off that glittering navel jewelry that compliments that gorgeous belly of yours! Make sure you flaunt it in your lingerie, or in your fatkini this summer. Don't be shy, girl. Show that navel off!

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