7 DIY Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love, Even If You Waited Until The Very Last Minute

Father's Day is here, and you're still scrambling for an idea of what you should get good old dad this year. It's too late to order anything online, and the shelves of novelty goods at the store are starting to look a little picked over. Not to worry, though, because our friends at Hometalk have brainstormed a few simple but delightfully cool last minute DIY Father's Day gifts that you can make yourself — even if you're a DIY beginner. Dad has always loved everything you made (he still keeps a few of those old macaroni noodle ties you made when you were five years old hidden in the back of his closet), and now that you're an adult, he'll be crazy impressed by your skills.

Let’s face it — dads are tough to shop for! With Father’s day a weekend away, you’re not the only one who hasn’t figured out the perfect gift for dad. But instead of wandering through your local mall for the third time this week, stay home and DIY a present you know he’ll love. Is he a gardener? Gamer? Golfer? Take a look at these guy-friendly gifts below, and get ready to knock those socks mom bought for him clean off!

1. Concrete Star Wars Magnets

Loving Star Wars hardly makes you a nerd anymore, so give dad a break and embrace his intergalactic love with this quick dad-approved DIY. With silicone molds (or even ice cube trays), create small figurines from versatile concrete and attach a magnet to the back of each.

Project via Shelly @The Domestic Heart

2. Tabletop Golf Garden

Dad might not like a fairy garden (or he might — they are charming), but he’ll love a golf garden. Just add a plant, some moss, and a tiny golfing set to decorate the scene, so that dad can enjoy the golfing green, even when he’s stuck doing work.

Project via Christina @Penny Wise

3. Bottle Cap Trivet

If dad’s the cookout type, give him the perfect spot to place steaming platters of food. Gather up beer bottle caps and press them into a concrete mold, to make a large multipurpose trivet that dad will show off the next chance he gets (Fourth of July BBQ perhaps?).

Project via Emily @Table + Hearth

4. Bathtub Tray

For the father who loves a relaxing soak, build an easy bathtub tray to let him enjoy a snack, or a book and a glass of wine. Personalize your tray with a sweet message or an inside joke to make it extra specially sweet.

Project via Larissa @Prodigal Pieces

5. Garden Stepping Stone

Give that gardening guru you call dad a bit of an affectionate decoration for his flower beds with a personalized stepping stone containing a grateful message. Create your own picture using colorful glass beads and vibrant stones.

Project via Tara @Crafts Unleashed

6. Manly Soap

Even dads like being squeaky clean, especially when it means using a chocolate, vanilla, and shea butter bar of soap made for them with love. For some added enjoyment, set your soaps to harden in fun shaped molds you know dad will love.

Project via Rebecca @Soap Deli News Blog

7. Denim Gift Wrap

Whatever you give your dad, store bought or handmade, you can make it a billion times more fun and exciting by wrapping it in denim, and tucking a card full of sweet sentiments into a jeans pocket on top.

Project via Nikki @Tikkido

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