Amy Schumer To Open For Madonna & It's Really "Like a Prayer" — VIDEO

Our prayers have been answered. Well, prayers we didn't even know we should be making. Apparently, Amy Schumer is going to be opening for Madonna for three New York City concert dates for her upcoming tour in September, according to Schumer's Twitter. This is HUGE. We can imagine that the comedian will most likely do her kick-ass standup, but hopefully she will do a big, live production of "Milk Milk Lemonade" with a whole dance crew, or maybe a new acoustic rendition of "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup." Schumer is proving to be the defining feminist and entertainer of our generation, and it will be incredible to see her on stage alongside Madonna herself.

This is an exciting collaboration of amazing women from different generations and different mediums. It didn't occur to us before, but this seems like a perfect combination: they are both sex-positive stars who send out empowering messages about image and identity. Not to mention the fact that they are both strong, outspoken feminists. Plus, Amy shared an adorable video of her singing "Like a Prayer," so she clearly has been preparing for this performance for 25 years. We'd love to see her cover more Madonna hits, like "Material Girl," "Vogue," and we can imagine that she'd do a hilarious rendition of "Like a Virgin."

Check out Schumer's audition video below, and get ready for the best concert ever.