Kim K Wears The Most Body Positive Maternity Look

Now that Kim K is pregnant with her second child, I’m basically stalking her every move because I can’t wait to see her maternity fashion this time around. So, of course, when Kim Kardashian wore a crop top on Wednesday, my first thought was, “YAS.” This look of hers is so body positive, just like all of the outfits she's been rocking this time around. Kardashian is pregnant and still embracing her sexy side. It’s typical Kim K, and you gotta love her for it.

Whether they’re feathered or cropped, all the looks she's worn since announcing her pregnancy have been skin tight, and I hope this trend continues. I have so much appreciation for a woman who can embrace her curves (pregnant or no), and I feel like that describes her to a T. Show that body off, lady! And throw some flats on while you’re at it! Whatever makes you comfortable is what makes you beautiful and that goes for Kim K and for everyone.

Because I’m so obsessed with her latest look, let’s take a look at it now and then see all of the outfits she’s worn up until this point. She’s not letting her pregnancy slow her down, and I can’t wait to see what she wears next.

1. Kim K's Krop Top

Crop tops should be the next major maternity style trend, for sure.

2. CFDAs

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Showing her figure off once again in a sheer dress.

3. Hype Energy Premiere

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wearing a latex dress? Now, that's some sexy maternity style!

4. Birthday Dress

This isn't exactly Kardashian' birthday suit, but it's so form fitting that it's close.

5. Sexy Wrap Dress

She's showing some skin in this figure flattering wrap dress because if you got it, well, flaunt it!

6. Olive Green Sheer Number

This slightly sheer green dress is so on-trend and so fits her style. I hope she stays true to this signature for her entire term.

7. LBD

Curves for days. Work it, girl!

8. Monochrome Onesie

Kim K even fit a little onesie action into her maternity style, and I love this look on her.

9. Disney Playdate

This is such a perfect mom-on-the-go look!

So, as you can see, it's been one sexy pregnancy thus far. Can't wait to see more of the same soon!

Images: Getty (2)