10 Fancy Shoes That Aren't Traditional Heels, Because Not Every Girl Loves Sky-High Stilettos

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who pretend wearing heels to a club is a good idea, and those who know from the start it is just not going to end well. For the alleged "heel lovers" out there, you obviously just have selective heel memory and choose to remember the cuteness over the pain of a thousand blisters. I hope there is some kind of support group for this. As for the realists out there who know shoes can mean life or near death when chasing after the last train of the night — we completely understand. Luckily, opting not to wear heels on a night out is totally fine, because there are plenty of equally chic options that come without the stress or weird toe cramps (here's talking to you, pointy-toed witch heels).

As a member of The Barely Five Feet Tall Club, I totally get the appeal of a few free inches. But why lug an extra pair of flats around in your purse all night when you can just wear them to begin with —especially if they're as chic, if not more so? In the name of not walking home barefoot or gripping onto your friends for dear life so as not to fall, check out some dressy shoe options that pretty much make stilettos obsolete.

1. The Furry Friend

Say You Will Pointed Heels, $73, ASOS

The perfect combo of fun and fancy. With a little heel and a lot of attitude, these shoes can dress up the simplest of outfits.

2. The Luxe Loafer

Glossy Flat Shoes, $36, Zara

The lowest maintenance dress shoe around. These aren't your grandpa's loafers — but you would look damn good pairing them with a blazer and cuban cigar. Or a pretty little party dress. Whichever.

3. The Platform Oxford

Digby Leather Platform, $178, Jeffrey Campbell

These platforms have fancy built right in. They are a classy, minimalist addition to any semi-formal outfit — plus they add a couple inches, which never hurts.

4. The Heel Cleavage

Double Strap Peep Toe Sandals, $60, Miss Guided

It's no side boob, but these shoes do offer a fun peek of skin. Talk about chic and scandalous.

5. The Festive Gladiator

Loeffler Randall Sierra Sandal, $295, Azaleasf

A nice neutral flat with a little pizzazz lets you run around the party wobble-free, while still looking fashion forward.

6. The Striped Sling

Sling Backs, $25, H&M

Sometimes an effortless pop of color is all you need to dress up the most relaxed of outfits.

7. The Lace-Up

K. Jacques Bikini Leather Gladiator Sandal, $265, Neiman Marcus

Perfect with a dress or pair of culottes, mid-calf lace ups are a bold choice but still super tasteful. Plus they're a pretty good excuse to finally go for that pedicure.

8. The Sleek Slip-On

Signature Areva Slip-On, $20, Report Shoes

Anyone with a little bit of a punk edge understands the wonders of slip-ons. Not necessarily black-tie attire, but these guys make a pair of dressy pants just edgy enough.

9. The Sling Forward

Delicious Treat Ramp Wedge Sandal, $40, Chinese Laundry

These platform slide-ons will be your new go-to for every cocktail party. They are just as comfy as they are sleek.

10. The Baby Heel

Suede Pumps, $60, H&M

If you're looking for a little high boost but don't want to spend all evening counting the minutes until you can take your heels off, kitten heels are the perfect solution. They give you just enough height to feel dressed up, and a fun color like lavender makes them look almost costume-y — in a very good way.

Images: Courtesy Brands