11 Reasons Dan Bilzerian As President Would Be A Million Times Better Than Donald Trump

When it comes to choosing the lesser evil in a presidential election, the options are essentially infinite when weighed against the Donald. Donald Trump vs. any of the other Republican candidates, Donald Trump vs. Justin Bieber, Donald Trump vs. baby North West, Donald Trump vs. a house fern, and, yes, even Donald Trump vs. Dan Bilzerian. I never thought I'd ever write this, but Dan Bilzerian would make a better president than Donald Trump. Let's just be clear — I'm not endorsing Bilzerian, I'm just emphasizing how absolutely abominable Trump would be as president.

Before his first campaign stop, Trump has already exhibited his complete ineptitude as a leader or decent human being. In addition to making hideous generalizations about Mexican people during his campaign announcement, he also called our current leaders losers and shamelessly bragged about how rich he is, revealing his net worth down to the specific dollar amount and listing his various properties. If I wanted some flashy rich guy to lead our nation, then I might as well vote for ... well, Bilzerian.

While they're both extremely wealthy and ostentatious, the similarities kind of end there. They're vastly different as people, and as loathsome as Bilzerian can be at times, especially with the way he treats women, he's still a considerably better choice for commander in chief than Trump. While it's unclear what his political party is (minor detail), I'd still vote for Bilzerian over Trump in a heartbeat (if they were the only candidates to choose from). Here are 11 reasons why.

Dan Bilzerian Doesn't Have A Roster Of Enemies

In Fact, Bilzerian's Social Media Is A Much Friendlier Place

He Has Down-To-Earth Family To Keep Him Grounded

He Seems Generous With His Wealth

He Knows And Appreciates What Real Work Should Look Like

He Has The Best Cats

He's An Animal Lover In General

His Gambling Skills Could Probably Help Him With Making Tough Decisions

He Has A Sense Of Humor

He Could Probably Hold His Own If There Was Ever A White House Down Situation

This Is His Campaign Flyer

Images: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram