Listen To Solange's Awesome New Tune

News alert/important reminder: Beyoncé is not the only talented person in the universe. "What?!" you say, jaw on the floor and hand ten seconds from slapping me. But yes, folks, it's true — in fact, Beyoncé isn't even the only talented person in her family. Solange's new single "Cash In" is reminder enough of that.

Yeah, we're probably gonna have "Cash In" stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. Thanks for that, Solange.

(No, genuinely thanks for that, Solange. It's pretty great.)

"Cash In" is part of a compilation of twelve R&B tracks from different artists; it's called Saint Heroin and is in celebration of Solange's new boutique label Saint Records, which launched last week. Solange's contribution to the album — she wrote and arranged it, as well as co-producing with Tim Anderson — is pretty damn graceful, and it'll have us reaching for some high notes when we sing it in the shower later.

Solange can definitely stand on her own, but like any smart kid she knows when to pull out the Beyoncé card — in one case she used her big sis to fend off a bully in school:

"I [told him] my sister is gonna come here and you're going to be really surprised who she is. I kept telling my sister and Kelly [Rowland], 'You gotta come check this kid.' Of course he wasn't paying any attention to what I had to say," she said. "They pulled up and I would never forget the face Brandon made. They were coming to beat him up. It was Destiny's Child coming to beat him up. I loved it so much."

We're betting once Blue Ivy's slightly more grown she'll be calling Aunt Solange up for the same.